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Usertech 01-17-2013 08:49 PM

New- Need advice
Am really feeling physically ill....have been for a long time 2yrs with no diagnosis.
I have had to fight pretty hard to get the doctor to start testing for stuff......I would go in for feeling "not well" and come out with a prescription for depression.... or a "normal bloodwork" and nothing.
Beginning last week I finally feel like I am being listened to. I asked to include a cholesterol check and it came back way way high @270 My thyroids and bloodwork are "normal". I am only 5'7" 160lbs and only a stubborn tire around the waist 32". I used to be a runner up until 2-1/2 yrsago.
My doctor also found a report from a Brain scan I had done about a year ago because I was thinking maybe MS......the report was negative for MS but did note a cyst on my pituitary...which at the time was not really a conceren. I
I have a MRI tomorrow to check the pituitary and also a abdominal scan w/contrast.
I need to know what is going on??

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