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smokybabs 11-23-2015 10:55 AM

Coxsackie Virus
Hi Folks,

I contracted the Coxsackie Virus when i was 7 months old and unfortunately it paralyzed my left leg from the hip down.

I'm 38 now and there is a lot of muscle wastage of the left leg and i have to wear an AFO for the foot drop as muscles in the lower leg remain paralyzed.

It also affected the bones as well leaving them thin and weak.

Luckily I still have complete mobility and my leg has always been strong enough
to allow me to do leisurely activities except for activities involving running.

My question is how on earth living in Belfast NI can a child contract a virus like that and get paralyzed from it?

I was getting the ususal immunisation treatment when I was 6 months old but my mother noticed a boil on my left hip after the first injection. I had a fever also and they postponed the other injections until i was feeling better. I think it was two weeks later when i went back to them but i still had the boil and my fever was not totally gone but they decided to proceed with the next injection.

The next day my leg was paralyzed and i was put into quarantine for a long time until the virus had left my system.

It was the B5 virus and i don't understand why it paralyzed me. I have read that it was once going to be considered as the Polio 4 virus but was not because it was so rare and the virus cannot enter the nervous system on its on like Polio 1-3 can. It only enters the nervous system when surgery is performed allowing the virus to gain entry to the Nervous System.

Is this true and if so then how on earth was it able to paralyze my leg without any surgery. Could getting an injection allow this to happen, ie the needle passed a nerve cutting it allowing entry?

Does anyone have any experience with this virus?


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