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skwirrel08 11-29-2011 08:27 AM

polio and hip replacement
i had contacted polio at age 10 mo-1 yr. old,which woulda been 1958,as i was born in '57,so i was at the tailend of the disease. I had even had two of the vaccines,mom took me for the third and i was sick at the time,so they wouldnt do it. I wasnt diagnosed till age 3 because the military doctors didnt know what was wrong,so my mom took me to a civilian doctor then. It affected my left leg and also had the drop foot,had two surgeries to stabilize the foot when i got a little older,age 9-10. I had the braces growing up also too. I started about five years ago to thinking i was just imagining things,so i got curious to find out how polio would affect a person in their older years,and wow i find out about this post-polio syndrome. So i wasnt just imagining things then. And yes finding a doctor with knowledge of polio these days,even almost sounds like a foreign name anymore to say it. Doctors almost have to be older than me ya know,to be in that time frame. Well i did manage to get me a neurologist, a physiatrist,orthopedic surgeon,and my family practice doctor,that i do see,but not one of them is older than I,so i feel they are some familiar,but not to the point that they know what it is like for "us" ya know.
Last year i had rotator cuff surgery,on my good side(right),also have a tear on the left and intended to get fixed this year,but my hip decided it was next,which is also on my good side. As soon as i returned to work from after rotator cup surgery,i started experiencing pain and weakness in my right leg daily,as my job requires a lot of walking,got to the point it got to the groin area,and oh my god,thats when the real pain began. My orthopedic surgeon i had saw for the first time about 3 years ago,had told me then i would need hip replacement in 2-5 years,so here it was then. I had the hip replacement done just this August, he used the new hip that many doctors dont know how to do,the Anterior,and i would so highly recommend this type,but not many doctors who do this type yet. With the Anterior,they go in the front side,and there are No precautions to this type,as with the other type hips,there are many precautions. The pain i had before surgery,is all gone,its the rehab part of it that i'm having trouble in. It has been very slow in getting my strength back,and most specifically,the inner thigh muscles. When i walk my leg wants to veer outward,and i can feel the weakness. I would have no strength at all to prevent me from falling. My reflex muscles also,which is what you use to lift your leg,is not capable yet of me lifting that leg up,much less hold it there. I have been told that i might not get all my strength back,but i returned back to work 3 weeks ago,so am more active,so i will get some of it back,but is going to be slower for me in getting there. What i dont know yet,is just how much of it i wont get back,because next,is i have to get a hip replacement in the other hip,and that is my polio side now then. If its possible to not get all my strength back in my good side,my thing is,I dont have strength to spare in my polio leg,so it really scares me to do this one,because i dont want to find out after the fact. My orthopedic surgeon already has in mind using a more re-enforced hip(for those who would likely to dislocate),so that relieves my mind on that,that he already has something in mind for me,but it still takes muscles for the rehab part of it. When i had this hip replacement done,it also made my leg a little longer,and my other leg was already shorter to begin with,so now i have this more pronounced limp now,and is awkward for me to walk,and is also putting even more stress on the polio hip now,which is already in pain from arthritis,so i'm having problems in this. I am trying a shoe built up to help relieve that stress as much as possible,but i'm having trouble adjusting to this too,and i still limp too. Next year is when i plan to do the other hip,but am trying to find out repercussions before i do this.

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