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Kwid2007 07-14-2015 01:29 PM

Just Diagnosed with PCOS ...
I was just diagnosed with PCOS on friday and I have tried to change my diet. Today I waited a bit too long to eat lunch so I was a bit shaky before I ate. Its been an hour since I ate and I'm still shaky. How much sugar and carbs should I eat in one meal??

Lucyy22 07-31-2015 01:43 PM

Re: Just Diagnosed with PCOS ...
Hello, I am a teenager and i have had these symptoms (some new ones) for the past year. I am sick of feeling ill and i find diet does change my symptoms. My mother had pcos and hyper mobility and there is a high chance of me having it , she seems to have similar symptoms so i wonder if it has anything to do with my symptoms. I have had blood tests done, for blood pressure, blood sugar, thyroid, kidney, liver, diabetes, celiac disease , anemia and some others but they all came back normal. I have had a balance test also and that was fine. these are my symptoms: (note*) these are random not constant.)

hurts to smile
neck tightness.
jelly legs
leg pain
tingly arms
heavy head
jaw feels locked
tight jaw
tension headache
numb leg
body feels heavy
when walking for a while floor looks like its moving(whirling slightly)
stomach cramp
teeth and jaw feel stiff
pressure on face sensation(cheekbones and near ears)
popping/blocked ears
spaced out
shooting pain in head random
head rush
irregular periods
intense hunger
light senstivity
thirsty/dry mouth
mood swings
palpitations when standing
numb dull ache in legs
sore lower back
jelly legs
chills/temperature changes
skin feels hot

will be extremely grateful if anyone helps out, thankyou,

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