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smmakkar 06-22-2018 01:25 AM

I'm 22 years old. I had some dust allergy problems due to which I took beclomethasone, a steroid. But after some time I suffered from irregular periods so I stopped taking beclomethasone. And now after almost 1-2 years I still suffer from irregular periods and moreover I also have facial hair. Does all these symptoms are of PCOS? Please help me about it.

Snoopy61 06-22-2018 01:01 PM

Re: Pcos?
Hi smmakkar.

I would suggest seeing a Gynecologist who would be able to determine if you have PCOS or not.

journey 10-23-2018 06:47 AM

Re: Pcos?
I agree with Snoopy61. However, it seems like you have the signs of having PCOS such as the facial hair. Facial hair isn't something to be bothered about since we all have it but if it gets too thick like a man and it's not in your family genes to have thick facial hair, it's probably a sign of PCOS. Irregular periods could be due to stress but again, it is a sign of PCOS. I advise you to get confirmed by a doctor who will do a scan on you.

fitnfresh 12-14-2019 11:00 PM

Re: Pcos?
Yes you can confirm wether you have PCOS through blood work and pelvic ultrasounds.

Titchou 12-15-2019 03:15 PM

Re: Pcos?
Keep in mind though that most womens' periods don't become "regular"till around age 25.

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