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confusedbody 04-15-2004 08:50 PM

atypical PCOS??? I don't understand
I had a blood test done by endocrinologist that showed high testosterone and DHEA (according to their lab ranges) and an ultrasound that showed several cysts on my ovaries-I've had 2 single cysts prev. incl. one measuring 2.5 in. Neither my GP or endo seemed concerned, altho GP mentioned poss. PCOS. From what I've read this could be serious. Is it because of my age(22), or the fact that I'm not having any issues w/ symptoms? I don't understand how I could have this and not have any other signs. I have a son who was concieved from 1 unprotected time-my period is very regular-I don't have excess body hair or acne (some trouble spots occasionally, but that's from resting my face in my hands all the time)-weight is not much of a problem, what extra weight I do carry is from being so darn lazy and it's not significant-I also read PCOS can cause small breasts, which is the opposite of my prob.-and I have terrible PMS and cramps (doesn't that point to ovulation actually occurring?). It's the opposite of what I'm reading. Can PCOS present this way? Do I need to push the endo to find out if I have PCOS?

Blastoff9600 04-16-2004 06:28 AM

Re: atypical PCOS??? I don't understand
Yes PCOS can be exactly like this. There are skinny women who dont have a single sign of PCOS and can still have it. I have it and didnt have any problems until after I turned 26 and everything went down hill from there. My first son who I had at 21 was conceived after six months of trying. We have been trying for our third for over 2 years now and no luck.
PCOS is one of those things that tends to get worse with age. Though some girls/women can have in their teens and early twenties but for the most part after the age of 25 is when most women find out they have it and when the symptoms start to kick in.

csoar2004 04-16-2004 07:06 AM

Re: atypical PCOS??? I don't understand
PCOS is also related to insulin resistance. Diet can help improve both. Have you looked at NIH's info? They provide links to many PCOS studies, etc: [url][/url]

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hobbitcutie 04-16-2004 12:45 PM

Re: atypical PCOS??? I don't understand
I have PCOS, and i don't look like i should at all outwardly. I'm not overweight, my weight isn't even close to centered around my belly, not excess hair, just a touch of acne (from being a teenager, lol), and nothing else outwardly. My only obvious problem was that i didn't have periods. After eating low carb, i've started to regulate (yay), although i still don't think i'm ovulating...oh well, i have a few years before i have to worry about that. But yes, you could definitely have PCOS, as no one's symptoms are the same. Has your doctor checked your LH:FSH ratio? That was the deciding factor for me, because mine was way's supposed to be about even, and mine was 17.3:6.4 . My LH is quite a bit higher than some ppl who have all of the symptoms!

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