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Rorie 10-20-2004 04:47 PM

pcos symptoms - marks and veins?
My doctor just told me yesterday that he thinks I have PCOS. I am 31 and have wondered for years what is wrong with me...extra facial hair, adult acne, etc. My question is...I've been getting these weird red marks on my back and my arms that only stay for a few days and are gone...but they come back again later in a different area. He said he thought they were stretch marks and related to pcos. But do stretch marks come and go? And I'm not a heavy would they be stretch marks? He didn't get to see them because I didn't happen to have any yesterday. And veins show very much on my arms and my legs...could this be pcos/hormone related? He didn't say....thanks!

barton93 10-20-2004 11:36 PM

Re: pcos symptoms - marks and veins?
I have PCOS and yes, you do have a lot of the symtpoms. However, I have never heard of stretch marks or the red markings having anything to do with PCOS. I don't think they sound like stretch marks anyway. I have many stretch marks (thanks to my kids) and they never disappear. I'm also not too sure about the veins either. I have done extensive research on PCOS and that is something I haven't heard of being associated with it.

jazzz29 10-21-2004 07:33 AM

Re: pcos symptoms - marks and veins?
Check out cushing's syndrome as a possibility.

edwardthefirst 10-21-2004 12:13 PM

Re: pcos symptoms - marks and veins?
i havent heard of those related either but since most women with pcos are overweight or yo yo diet , the extra weight often causes both stretch marks and veins. also check for anemia as that could be a factor.i started getting some dull pains in my left lower leg and light red marks in that area that look kind of like veins....its really weird. im going to a vascular surgeon next week. also women on birth control can get veins from that ......

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