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Italia 43 04-27-2008 04:18 PM

Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
HEY everyone. 24 female here.. im just a mess from long years of depression medications. okay i have pcos/insulin resistance and hypo thyroid disorders.. any suggestions.. i hate medications and never can loose weight.. i go to the gym 3 days per week. cut out soda out of my diet, but still look fat.. im 5 foot 7 and 285pounds.. never had any kids at all.. before i took depression medications at age 14 i only weighed 125 and 5 foot 5.. now im just to over weight and always hungry.. top it off i have hair all over the place-chest, all over my face, stomach, and everywhere else not to go into details, but people get the drift.. its very annoying and time consumming to sit here and shave constantly.. i just have no idea where to start.. i have been taking thyroid pills for a decade now and now i hate taking them, because i feel like they are making me fat, so i take them maybe 4 times per week, and man i get so tired during those days i dont take my thyroid pills.. i just feel like there is no hope for me to ever get pregnant.. oh by the way i have been on metformin before and even at the low dose of 500mgs i had major diahreea for 2 weeks straight, going 10 times a day, so i stopped taking that.. someone please help!!! also my psychiatric disorder is bipolar, so that coincides with all of this, but im no longer on medication for that anymore, due to major side effects.. well any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks a bunches tina..

ms316 04-27-2008 10:19 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
I also have all the same disorders except the bipolar. I was taking medication for the hypo thyriodism and i continued to gain wieght, however, once i started taking on a 1000mg of medformin i lost 24llbs since starting it 3 months ago. So maybe you might need to get you medication readjusted and continue eating health and working out and hopefully soon the wieght will start dropping off.

By the way I was 161lbs at 5 ft tall and i still not a healthy wieght for my age which is 27.

brian234 04-29-2008 10:55 AM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
Hi There,
My heart is out to anyone struggling with weight and other issues. I am 61 years old and discovered the truth about refined carbs and refined sugars about 4 years ago. I used to love sugar and all kinds of desserts. My weight kind of crept up there to where I was 194 pounds, but at 5 ft 8inches, it was too much for me. Then I was told that I had elevated blood pressure. I went into panic mood. I started walking, but wanted to go off sugars. I came across this book, 'The New Sugar Busters',Cut Sugar to trim Fat Authors(H.Leighton Steward, Morrison C. Bethea, Sam S. Andrews, Luis A. Balart by Random House publishers in paper back which is my guide, costing about $8.00 U.S.. I now understand that the refined carbs (low fibre foods) and sugars cause the body to create insulin. These high levels of insulin decrease the level of glucagon (hormone from pancreas) that takes fat out of the body. As well, the high levels of insulin cause either the pancreas to give up sending out insulin or make the cells resistant to insulin, impeding the absorption of sugars and causing high blood sugar levels. Low fibre carbs burn up too fast, causing the rapid increase in insulin levels. Too high a level of insulin over sustained periods are the culprit. From 1994, (since having a lower bowell xray), I made it a point to have oatmeal porridge every morning, no matter how disgusting it is. It is a high fibre carb which breaks down very slowly and doesn't cause big spikes in insulin levels. As well, for the last 5 years, I put freshly crushed organic flax seed onto the oatmeal. The organic flax is an excellent source of omega 3, which is good for the mental well being, the heart, and prevention of cancer. I have not missed one day since 1994. Incidentially, my weight came down to about 165 and is now about 170 pounds. I started an exercise program about 4 years ago. When we walk, we cause the insulin levels to go down, which in turn increases glucagon (the fat burner). The timing of meals is so important as well. We don't want to eat too close to bed time normally, as our insulin levels will not have time to come down before we retire for the night. A walk after a meal is a good way to get the insulin levels down. As well, a glass of water in the morning to dilute the bile (preventative to gall bladder problems) and several other glasses of water during the day will remove toxins and make us feel better. We should also have oral hygience, as flossing a couple of times a day plus especially before bed (brush floss brush) will give us that good feeling in our mouths, and help us to feel better about ourselves. As well, the flossing prevents build up of plaque which can even enter the blood system. If we don't floss, we get the build up the gums, and this can cause gingivitis.

Incidentially, when you read the New Sugar Buster book, it gives you a new mind set, to really hate refined sugar. I purchased about 20 of the new Sugar Buster books as I am a Lion's member, and could purchase them to sell for a fund raiser. But with the first group of 20, I have just given them out to my children (all 6 of them) and to friends of the family. I just have such a burden for those with the weight problems, who don't have these simple facts, that could empower them to get to their ideal weights and stay there. I don't crave the sweets as much now. Instead I have nuts like almonds, or plain yogurt. My wife makes a rhubarb (no sugar) oatmeal crumble that I have occasionally. Every goody that I don't have, is one more tool to keeping my body to the right weight and cutting the blood pressure.

Feeling better is a journey. It is my ambition to help people in that journey. So spread the word. Telling people about sugar busters is the tool that helps me overcome the temptation to help myself to doughnuts, cake, etc. The doughnuts and cake are so much a part of our social fabric, even in the Churches, that we need to overcome with great diligence.

My prayers are with you and with all those with similar struggles. I am cheering you on in the fight against big sugar and big chocolate. You don't need them. The commercials are just to seductive. They always show these skinny healthy people, and it makes people think that it is perfectly all right to eat all these candy bars, and doughnuts, etc.. It doesn't bother me now that I will never eat another chocolate bar, doughnut, or ice cream cone, as long as I live. I want to live 'healthy'.
Brian 234

brian234 04-29-2008 11:06 AM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
I forgot to mention that my second daughter had pcos. She was only 22 years old. It was devastating to me. I did some research. The extra weight that she carried was a problem. She got onto an exercise program and started with the omega 3 fatty acids. She got a good check up with it about a year ago. I guess that I am a constant nag about sugar. But at least, my 6 children know that I love them enough to nag. Only my 14 year old son is still at home.

Italia 43 05-16-2008 02:50 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
was on metformin last year and too many side effects of 20 times per day diahreea or more.. doctor switched me too like fortamet i believe, and it does the same thing as the metformin, constant diareeha.. any help or suggestions? i cant cope..

bleigh 05-16-2008 07:32 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
Italia, I just posted in another thread about your situation. Hopefully you will read it. First, I will say it here need to be taking your Synthroid daily!! I can not imagine refusing to take a medication that is to help replace something your body desperately needs. Your thyroid can't make enough hormone and you need that hormone replacement. Nothing in your body will work right without it. You have to get this under control otherwise you will have a very difficult time with anything else. At least you are fortunate enough to know what you need....there is nothing anyone can say or do to help you if you won't even take care of something that you desperately need to function properly.

Italia 43 05-23-2008 07:05 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
hey all.. i have been taking my sythroid a bit more now.. about every other day now.. my periods never stop.. had them 2 months straight now.. im so worried i can never have kids, due to abnormal periods.. took metformin and the subsitiute for metformin, and both made me go diahreea 30 times per day.. i need help with this whole pcos thingy.. how am i ever going to have any kids.. i have so much facial hair and a goatee, i look like a boy in the face.. its insane.. i have such a masculine voice and aggression persoality.. im just depressed, i dont know what to do anymore.. someone please help..:angel:

bleigh 05-23-2008 08:48 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
Seems like you still don't understand that the Synthroid is NOT something you take when you want to. IF YOU DON'T TAKE AS DIRECTED YOU WILL BE SICK. You have to have it daily PERIOD. You may [B]not ever[/B] get to have children if you refuse to take the hormone your body can't make properly. I hope that wakes you up to how important it is to take this medication. Many with hypothyroidism also suffer with severe may find some relief once you take your Synthroid daily.

Have you tried diet therapy? Apparently gluten and sugar reduction has had tremendous effects on women suffering PCOS and infertility related to PCOS. You may find great results by changing your diet.

Don't know what other options are out there besides what you have already gone through. My advice would be to talk with your doctor about another treatment plan that includes diet and medication. Be open and honest about your concerns with medications.

AGAIN, getting medical help won't do you any good if you refuse to follow the advice of your doctor. I still can't understand why you won't take your Synthroid on a daily's not going to hurt you!!! It will help you feel better!!

You should have your labs, including a full thyroid panel, run. Since you haven't been taking your Synthroid regularly you may need an adjustment on the dosage.

I can't imagine anyone else can give you any answers as you already won't take a medication that you know your body has to have in order to function. It's almost like talking to the wind. I don't mean to sound harsh as I truly hope you realize how much damage you're doing to yourself by neglecting this important aspect of your body. If your thyroid is not functioning and your body is not getting the hormone it needs then nothing else can help you until you become responsible and take your Synthroid directed. And a couple of days of taking your Synthroid isn't enough to see how it works for you. This is a long term medication that needs to be evaluated yearly for possible dosage changes. This is a drug that you will need to take everyday for the rest of your life. Until you get this straight you don't need to be prescribed any other meds as you are likely to do more damage to your body.

vanessad87 06-02-2008 05:14 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
DON"T WORRY ABOUT NOT HAVING KIDS! you'll have them, and you'll be fine. My sister went through what your going through, pcos and all! I have pcos, so i can help with that side. As far as your meds, take them! it doesnt matter how annoying they are or how forgetful you are. I went 2yrs without taking meds and it was 2 yrs of hell. Now still no meds but thats because my docter had to get blood tests. Oddly enough I started ovulating normally on my own and have had normal periods. Now as far as the having thyroid and pcos problems, here goes......My sister had pcos since she was like 16, she took her thyroid meds and stopped taking them for like a year and a half. She got pregnant without them, but had to start taking them when she got pregnant or her body would reject the baby. So you should start getting used to them now. As far as the diarreah on the metformin or gluco watever your taking; I've taken practically all of them, Some of them have side effects like diareahh, upset stomach, vomiting, just eat them with something lite, not a whole meal. When you take it eat a piece of toast or milk or something. The diarreah will stop. Either that or wait it out, it only lasts a week. But what is a week opposed to a lifetime of health problems. btw.........taking one med for each illness (pcos and thyroid) is not bad for your health, it will actually help you....if someone doesnt understand what your going through they cannot help you. Their wasting their breath if they have to say "I don't understand why you can't take your meds" When i was younger (i'm 21 now) I couldn't take my meds because I was so in a rush to have fun i forgot about them. I'm not saying its okay to not take it, but that its harder for some people and not everyone will understand. All we can honestly do is pray for you to get the encouragement you need and be happy with what your doing.



honest_tea 06-05-2008 03:17 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
I feel you on everything. I could have written your post for the most part. I'm 27, 5'6, 250 lbs. I have PCOS and bipolar. I was taking lithium for bipolar and that messed my thyroid up for awhile. I dropped the lithium (with dr. approval) and my last tests were ok. Since I started taking drugs for bipolar I gained about 50 lbs, mostly due to taking seroquel. I've never had kids but want some more than anything. Several times people have assumed that I have children, which upsets me. I just started metformin a few weeks ago and had some side effects.

I started taking classes to become a foster parent. I'm going back and forth over having biological kids right now due to being bipolar and not knowing if it will happen with PCOS. It's something you can look in if it interests you. They are lots of children out there that need someone who can make them feel safe.

A great snack that my husband and I love are frozen grapes. Just rinse off and freeze. They are so good and a great snack anytime, especially in the summer. They make a great dessert.

Are you in any kind of therapy? Even if you choose not to take any meds, it's good to talk to someone and get everything out. I've tried several different meds and finally have found some things that seem to be working for me mentally. I know that side effects are terrible. Seroquel has worked great for me, but it causes excessive weight gain. I just take it, because I need it to have a half decent life and my husband can't stand me off my meds. I just tell myself to bear with the side effects because they won't last forever and I need the benefits of the drug.

I don't really have too much to help you with. But remember that you are not alone. I understand what you are going through. Finding the right doctor is a big help. I just moved and still haven't found any doctors (mental & physical) that I like. The best doctor that I had made me so mad at every appointment, but I realized that she really cared about me. And you have to take the meds as directed. The medicine has to be taken regularly so that your blood levels are consistent.

Italia 43 06-16-2008 05:47 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
hey everyone im back.. i started taking my synthroid everyday now.. still hungry constantly though.. yes i see a therapist weekly for over 15 years now straight i have been in therapy for mental issues and emotional.. i have tried metformin 4 times in a decade, and all gave me nasty 20 times a day diahrea.. should i just eat small for 2 weeks.. im so lost.. everytime i loose weight i gain it right back... also i would like my own kids.. I just would feel a lot happier with having kids i produced.. maybe i should give glucophage another shot. my fertility dr wants me to take provera.. im not to sure.. any suggesstions.. thanks everyone..:angel::angel:

sumaiyaaziz 07-18-2008 07:53 PM

Re: Pcos/insulin Resistance/thyroid All In 1
hey ppl i m 19 n goin thru irregular periods since my first menstrual flow...i hve a weight of 73 kg wid height of 5 ft 6 inches....m overweight plus goin thru hair loss ....i m so worried abt it i can now even see my scalp ...i m doin mbbs part 1 n feel as if i will never b able to conceive has given me GLUCOPHAGE n i dont know wht is goin on wid me plz sumbody HELP

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