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mommazwieback 07-17-2008 10:11 AM

Change in diet caused my period?
OK, so I have suffered with irregular periods since I was 11, having only one period a year for the first 5 years I was menstrating. I have other symptoms of PCOS. My midwife said that she thinks I have it, but has run no tests. So, my periods have been somewhat regular since I had my daughter (2 years ago). they are late always, but usually come anywhere from 6-8 weeks past my lmp. My periods are also particularly bad, with me cramping and having horrific mood swings from the time i ovulate until I finally start my period two weeks later. The cramps are awful, enough to keep me in bed. So, anyhow, I started my period on fathers day, which was june 15th. This month, my husband and I tried out a diet that was based on protein shakes and low carbs. I didn't stick to the diet long, mainly because it caused my energy to drop. But come July 12th, my period came, not only on time, but with no cramps during ovulation, just some cramping the day that I started. So my question is, is there something in my diet that caused my period to be right on time? Are there diets to follow that cause your hormones to regulate and your periods to come at the right time? I am trying to lose some weight, and my husband and I want to start trying in September, so if a change in my diet is what caused this then I would like to know.

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