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ambi88 10-01-2008 07:48 AM

possible pcos?
I started my period at 14. I was always irregular and had very painful periods as well as severe lower abdominal pain while i was not menstrating so i was put on birth control to help regulate my periods. My doctor said that the pain was normal and that I shouldnt worry too much about it. She said they were just cramps and that I would get used to them. The pills she put me on would work most of the time, but sometimes even while taking the birth control pills i wouldnt have a period. I was on these pills for 1.5 years. (i was also taking them for severe migraines and acne and it didnt help with those problems). Since being off of the pills (3.5-4 years now) i have had VERY irregular periods. I go 3-4 months without one and the longest i went without one was 9 months. After the 9 months without a period (semptember 07 - june 08), my period was heavy and had a lot of clots in it. Sometimes the tampon would have like a "layer" of blood and white/clear film on it (very thick). I found some old birth control pills that hadnt expired yet and in an attempt to have another period i took the pills. A month later, i had a period (july 08) but the pills ran out and then i went a month without a period again (semptember 08). I recently (august 08) thought i had a yeast infection. All the signs and symptoms were present so i went to the doctor (first time in 2+ years). I had a pap smear done (sept. 18, 2008) and I was diagnosed with BV and given medication for it. The results of my pap came in 3 days ago stating i had "candida" present (yeast infection). In severe discomfort, I went to wal mart and bought a home testing kit and the pH level that i had was higher than that of a yeast infection (pH level was 6 and yeast infections are 4.5 or lower - google). I am going thursday for the medication for a yeast infection. However, during my dr visit my dr said she thought i have PCOS. She referred me to see a GYN to get a proper diagnosis.

In a nut shell (i guess :-D)

I have always had severe lower abdominal pains. So bad sometimes that if i am doing something, i have to stop and sit down and wait for them to be over. If I am not having severe pains, I am in constant discomfort in my lower abdomen. I have a lot of pain during intercourse (i have been sexually active with one partner for 4 years and very frequently have pain during intercourse in my lower abdomen and pelvic area. i also feel pain inside my vaginal a sharp very discomforting pain). It is not uncommon for me to bleed after intercourse (most of the time it is a darker blood but sometimes brighter blood). I also have lower abdominal pain during bowel movements. It is a very sharp and discomforting pain (even when i am not constipated) I have also had severe acne for 3-4 years now. I recently gained a little weight (2007) and havent really been able to get it off (even through diet and exercising). My dr said that acne and pains and irregularities are symptoms of PCOS. She also said that weight gain and facial hair (i dont really have the facial hair symptom) are also signs of PCOS. She also gave me some information about Thyroid disease. PCOS and ovairan cancer runs in my family. My great aunt died of cervical cancer and another close female relative was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My grandma had a hysterectmy quite some years ago due to female reproductive complications.

I am sorry about all the information I put in this thread...i just dont really have anyone else i can ask this right now. I am living on my own so of course just like anybody else i am having financial problems right now. I am working on getting insurance but it is taking longer than i expected. I plan on going to the GYN after i get my insurance, i guess I'm just looking for some sort of an answer/suggestion here. Maybe someone else is experiencing or has experienced this before....

Thanks for your time and patience,

Solange3000 10-06-2008 11:23 AM

Re: possible pcos?
Hi Amber welcome to the healthboards. I was diagnosed with PCOS over 10 years ago (I'm 33 now) and I had all of the symptoms. It started with missed periods from the age of 16, then over the years I gained weight, I had facial hair, dark patches on the skin, and pelvic pain. My pain wasn't as intense as yours but it was there, once in a while I felt like stabing pains mostly on my left side and I also had to just sit for a little bit until it went away. Sometimes also during intercourse I felt some discomfort and pain but I would say that was about 20% of the time.
In order for you to get properly diagnosed you will need many tests such as blood work, ultrasound and I had a laparoscopy done (not everyone has this) so it does get expensive if you don't have insurance. You could see a gyn doctor but they might refer you to an endocrinologist. So I hope you get your insurance soon so you'll have all your questions answered.
What I can suggest to you is to try to live a healthy life. Exercising and eating healthy helps a lot in women with PCOS.
All the best to you.

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