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partlycloudy 09-19-2009 10:13 AM

Confused with diagnosis - PCOS or not?
I had an ultrasound done because I've had some pelvic pain and have had strange cycles for awhile. I assumed it was ok because I got a note from Dr. saying it was satisfactory. When I went to see my obgyn though he said that I could have PCOS as it was noted on my US that I had several follicles on my left ovary. He said there are other tests that are better at detecting PCOS.

But doesn't it pretty much mean PCOS if I have several follicles on an ovary? I didn't go ahead with further testing. I was just relieved that I don't have fibroids or tumors. I'd like to know if I have PCOS, but it is what it is pretty much, right? I mean, either way, I have build-up on my ovaries probably from when eggs were not released (the missed periods). I've been prescribed the pill to help settle my crazy hormones down and hopefully prevent future follicle build-up. I don't have anything that PCOS patients normally have - not overweight, no excessive hair growth, diabetes. Maybe I'm in denial but PCOS is only an issue if I want to conceive, right (my doctor doesn't think I'm infertile though may need some type of drug to trigger ovulation)?

shae1980 10-30-2009 02:20 PM

Re: Confused with diagnosis - PCOS or not?
Hi there,
I am in exactly the same situation 15 cysts on left and 8 on right, however still not diagnosed with PCOS. I dont have any of the usual signs or symptoms either, however my naturopath is of the beleif that mine could be secondary to another problem as I have a whole heap of other issues going on like tremors, fatigue, really sore muscles and joints, hypertension etc etc, she thinks it might be related to adrenal gland problems so I am getting that looked into.
I am tired of going for more tests :( all of the above symptoms have been happening for six months and no one can figure out why.
I think you should follow up with the tests as you may cause yourself complications in the future if you dont manage PCOS now.
Oh and by the way just as a matter of interest I am being advised to go off the pill, it is though by my naturopath and gp that this is not a good combination with PCOS, dont take my word for it though do some investigating.
Let me know if you have any more info
Shae xo

partlycloudy 12-06-2009 03:56 PM

Re: Confused with diagnosis - PCOS or not?
I just went to my doctor again, and he said I could have further testing done, but I'll have to go off birth control for a couple of cycles. I had jumped on the birth control right away because I was tired of some of the new symptoms I was dealing with. He thinks that I do have PCOS, though. He just doesn't like to diagnose it from an ultrasound, but with that and my health history, he says he's almost certain I have it. He recommended staying on the BC, but I don't want to get into taking synthetic hormones long-term. So, I'm trying metformin. I feel better at least knowing that my depression and anxiety have a root cause. Hope you find answers soon, Shae. :)

Sweety02 12-08-2009 09:02 PM

Re: Confused with diagnosis - PCOS or not?
Birth control can actually help with some of the symptoms of PCOS, including regulating your cycles.

I was diagnosed with PCOS, put on birth control and was on it for quite a few years. I had an ultrasound done and it didn't find any cysts!!!! There was no evidence that I had PCOS. I then went off of the birth control and a few months later had another ultrasound done and it found multiple cysts. They came back, along with the other symptoms.

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