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lannienanny 11-11-2011 03:41 PM

Please Help
When I google all my symptoms PCOS has come up as a possibility. Here are my symptoms:

I am 2 months late for my period. Last period was July 5th, 2011. I would be 13 weeks now, if I'm pregnant, but I have had four negative pregnancy tests. Plus, my husband and I are extremely careful, and I seriously have no idea how I could be pregnant right now, I show no other signs of pregnancy. The last period I had was 3 months late. I have always had regular cycles and I have had two healthy normal pregnancies and births. Really bad cramps, feels like I must have my period sometimes, one night it felt like strong contractions! Not one drop of blood though, sometimes it's weird, I feel like I'm full of liquid down there and I can feel it sloshing around and bubbling.

Pain in neck front and back, knee, foot, upper chest/shoulder, lower back, lower abdomen, pelvic/groin area. My pain arises in one place at a time, it can be pretty bad sometimes, and it's sharp and shooting in these areas.

Irregular bowel movements/ I have diarrhea one day and then I'm constipated for two days, never normal.



Swollen lymph nodes in my neck. They use to be really bad and tender, but now they've gotten better but still swollen.

Bloated feeling in my abdomen.

Odd smelling urine and vaginal discharge. Milky urine.

Sometimes my right knee hurts really bad and my right foot gets swollen, seemingly out of the blue. There have been a few times where I can hardly put weight on it and I have to hop around.

I haven't had any significant injury or illness or weight gain/loss. I and 27, I weigh 170 pounds, 5'6''. I have a normal health history. I have never had allergies. I am not losing my hair, I don't have fevers or vomiting. I don't have a constant thirst or need to urinate. There's no pain when I urinate. I don't have excessive facial hair or acne.

They have tested all my thyroid levels and looked in my mouth and ears and such. I've been having these symptoms for eight months and they are gradually getting worse. I am thinking about it every day now. I'm not sure what's worse, living with the symptoms, or not knowing what it is. They dismiss me every time at the doctor, saying that I seem fine. They haven't given me a pelvic exam or tested my urine or stool for anything. No ultrasound or MRI or anything. They don't think I need testing, but I know my body and I know something is wrong. I am two months late, that's not normal right?! I feel like there's something new every day now, it's just getting worse. My doctor said I have too many common symptoms so it's hard to narrow it down and put a name to what I might have. That's your answer, it's too hard?

I have had no luck at the doctor's office. They keep telling me they're not sure what it is and that it could be stress or allergies. I know I need to be more persistent and maybe go to another doctor or insist on more tests. I have a week until my appointment with this OB. I hope to get some answers then. I just thought, if anyone here had any insight that might help, why not? I hope my appointment brings some answers, but until then I am so anxious about this, it's very stressful. I hope someone on here knows what this could be. I have googled my symptoms and found a few possibilities.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this, I really appreciate it!

MrsOlga 11-23-2011 09:34 PM

Re: Please Help
Hi, have poc n had a ruptured cyst a month ago. Everything hurts. When i eat , when i walk. Being constipated, then have diarrhea. Low bowel movement. Dizzy. Nauseas. Lost weight. Legs hurt. Back hurts. Tummy aches. Headaches. Irregular periods. U should just get a ultrasound done to make check for cysts. The worse of all is the abdonimal pain. Being on lortabs for over a month. Hope u get well soon.

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