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sasrei7 10-24-2012 01:17 PM

Is it PCOS?
Hi I havent been diagnosed yet seen my endocrine doctor thinks for sure my high testerone is from my ovaries so the thought was PCOS. Since my adrenal glands are fine. Ive always had irregular periods, hair on places a woman shouldnt, acne but thats it. Im not overweight, and though I had one cyst that burst on my ovary when I was 16 its been clear and good ever since, insulin is fine, and my BP is normal so I dont have alot of the symptoms of PCOS. And actually before I was on my BC pills I struggled to gain weight and maintain it. In fact ever since ive been on my birth control its been good, my periods are on a regular pattern, and now I actually have a womans shape and heck even breasts (I was an A cup before I went on BC pills, now I am a B cup yay) so im not to sure if it is PCOS. Im pretty petite really, small body frame, hands and feet. I have IBS, tmj, and recently diagnosed with fibromaylgia and possible cfs. So id like some clarity on what people think?

scarjay 12-08-2012 01:35 PM

Re: Is it PCOS?
I am also getting checked for pcos. My testosterone level was 54 when the normal should be 2-45. My gut tells me I do have but I want to be sure. My periods are normal. I have abnormal hair growth all over my body. They are really small but still visible. It sucks to know something might be wring with your body. I'm very small but pcos is still possible. I hope all goes well with you.

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