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magica01 01-09-2015 09:32 PM

new to PCOS and concerns
I'm really scared about this diagnosis and not sure what it means. I've been looking it up all day but my worries are not being alleviated. I just had a physical and my blood report came back with elevated insulin, androgens and thyroid. She didn't say it was high but they were elevated [is there a difference in meaning?] Anyways, when I talked to her about some of my ongoing problems like acne, hair growth and recent period changes, she said it might be PCOS.

For a long time, my previous doctors believed it wasn't PCOS because I've had regular periods, consistent and on time. I've had acne since I've had my periods [age 10, I'm 21 now] and been overweight and I believe that's been stress induced. Actually much of it, my doctors had thought was because of stress but could it have been PCOS all along? Anyways ever since my mother passed from breast cancer a little more that a year ago, my periods had been coming later by a week. It was also changing [usually its 7 days, but lately it was heavy one month and barely the next]. I thought it was psychosomatic [ mind controlling body] because if I met with friends and talked about periods, I would get mine similar and at the same time as them. [I was at the same time as my mom before she was diagnosed]. Lately, I haven't been socializing but this is the longest my period hasn't come yet. My last period was thanksgiving break and now its January 10th. I'm not feeling anything like I usually know. I'm so worried. I'm not sexually active.

Anyways,my doctor suggested to see an endocrinologist. What am I to expect? With whatever medication they may provide me along with changes in diet and exercise, will this go away? And how much of the symptoms do go away?

I have acne, facial hair and hair on my body like a man... I have hair on my chest! It's ridiculous because my mom was hairless! Will this go away?

I read about insulin as well and I really don't want to be diabetic so I want to make life style changes ASAP but I'm not sure how, and how effective it would be. I'm scared to go to a gym because of acne and hair [like its really bad, especially the acne]. As for food, I'm going to cut out all unnecessary sugars/ junk food but what concerns me is what is there to eat? I'm at a loss. What do you guys eat? What are good snacks to have? What is an easy lunch to prepare when heading out? I have no problem making it but I don't know where to start.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't born a girl... my mom was way prettier than me.

shell59 02-25-2015 10:15 PM

Re: new to PCOS and concerns
My daughter has PCOS and like you it really through her for a loop. She is still trying to get pregnant but she started taking D-Chiro Inositol which is a nutrient that studies show women who have PCOS are lacking in. Their bodies do not make or replenish it. I don't know to much about the particulars but I do know it has helped her mood immensely and her hair has gone back to normal, she was having problems with it. She was also very moody and she was depressed due to the symptoms like weight gain, hair growth all of the horrible symptoms. It has also helped a lot of women ovulate and get pregnant. She is taking Chiral Balance which I bought on the internet. It has only been two months so we are hopefull it will get even better. Just wanted to let you know it would be a good thing to look into and research. Myo Insoitol is another nutrient lacking in women with PCOS. Hang in there I hope it gets better for you.

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