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Natural remedies??

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Old 05-28-2005, 07:50 AM   #1
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caroleye HB User
Natural remedies??

My PTSD has surfaced again with major depression & suicide thoughts. I cannot handle "drug" therapy. And I'm in therapy (have been for any years with a variety of types).

Curious if anyone has found a good anti-depressant that is "natural".


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Old 05-31-2005, 08:14 AM   #2
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bjm32 HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

Hi Carol,
I am in the same boat right now. I haven't heard of any natural remedies, but that's something I never thought about, what a good idea. I'm gonna search for that, and if I find anything I'll post it. ~Bunny

Old 07-18-2005, 10:58 AM   #3
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survivin HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

i went off of my medications a year ago. the side affect for most of the meds are just as bad as the disease sometimes. having myself been schooled in advanced pharmacology i cornered my doctor and demanded that he explain the action and theory behind the antidepressants he was trying to push me on. it all boiled down to this. they dont know why they help some people and not others, they really dont even know if they truly help or cause further damage. they dont know how the brain works and its all really just a guessing game. i have since been trying my best to manage the ptsd symptoms without medications. i currently use aroma therapy- the part of the brain responsible for smell is also where alot of ptsd symptoms originate. i take fish oil and vitamins-the fish oil is essential in proper brain function and is proven to help mental state. and i occasionally use an "alpha-stim" it shoots a super low current through your brain that is in the form of the wavelength that is present when you are relaxed or asleep. its 100% safe with zero side affects other then a little groggy afterwards. good luck

Old 08-22-2005, 09:50 AM   #4
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Jensmom HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

Survivin: I was interested in your post on aroma therapy. My 24 year old daughter has PTSD and also is Down's Syndrome. Therefore it is hard for me to get feedback from her. I would be interested in what type of aroma therapy you are using, how often, etc. and what your results have been. I think this might be helpful for her. While she is on meds, I would like to keep the dose as low as possible.

Thanks for any info you can give me.

Old 08-22-2005, 02:19 PM   #5
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smc612 HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

survivin----- i am also suffering from ptsd. cannot take ad so i take klonopin on occassion. don't like to use it all the time for obvious reasons. am very interested in which vitamins you take and what they do and i have also heard alot about the fish oils for different ailments. as much info as you can give will be very appreciated.

Old 09-12-2005, 05:45 PM   #6
la isla bonita
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la isla bonita HB User
Re: Natural remedies??


you've posted a good question. I can tell you that when I'm healthy
and not suffering a severe bought of PTS I can live without the meds.
last year i either suffered a horrendous rape or some how relived an
older rape, what
i believed to have put in the past. either way oh, the sewage, it did
come up
wreaking total havoc on my life.

i have suffered post traumatic in a couple of different phases of my life
but had gotten used to living on the outskirts of depression. for me
the meds only made it horribly worse. i don't believe in them at all.

exercise works. gets the endorphins flowing naturally. if you can avoid
caffeine, or at least indulge in smaller amounts, it helps. i'd skip the coffee.
really cranks up the nervous system and that's not what post traumatic
wants or needs. meditation helps me. i'm a big believer in quality silence
of course i live alone with just my dog and cat so its easier for me than
most. but just making time to be alone helps. then if you can supportively
be alone, as in on these boards, or reading a good book, reading the paper,
doing something that engages you in society, without requiring a direct
reaction from you; that's natural.

yoga and or pilates are life savers. going to the gym to jump on the
treadmill or a high impact aerobics class could ramp you up and make it
worse, so focus on more relaxing kinds of exercises.

the less stimulation the less stress the better.
sometimes massage works, though for me, i'd be stressing about the person
massaging me so it should be someone i really trust and more importantly
feel comfortable around.

hope that helps. therapy for me was a lot of time a big no go as in
i was always arguing with the therapist as in, no, that's not it, you don't
get it. but therapies are out there, there is some kind of rapid eye movement
therapy, that's natural that works on desensitization, that would be a good
one to find a therapst that works on that.

this reply is going on and i apologize. i hope at least something in here
has helped. oh, and alcohol is no good. at least not for me.

many blessings,

i've been there and am there now, still searching and reaching towards
tomorrow. some days are better than others, i'd rather be able to say
that in a complete sentence, look that wasn't even, than be hopped up
on some pychosomatic drug that makes me slur my speech or screws
with my brain waves, pathways i myself have lovingly carved out and
rely upon. think long and hard before you swallow.
You say, "give me something to believe in"
If nothing else, believe in truth. ~

Old 09-13-2005, 02:40 AM   #7
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smc612 HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

helen----thank you. i have had multiple traumas that have brought on a wicked case of PTSD. starting last may i started to disacotiate(bad spelling) had to go into therapy for my survival. it is a great help because i didn't know what was happening. used to take an occassional klonopin for the anxiety attacks. haven't had to take one for weeks. i am with you. keep yourself as peaceful as possible. we don't need any extra stimulation in our lives. my therapist has taught me to step back and walk away if i have to. act instead of react. she also told me to keep myself safe. physically,mentally and emotionally. the emotional end was the most diffficult for me since most people don't have a clue about this.i have picked a few close friends and family members and explained what i am going through. out of 10 people i have 5 that have noticed me blanking out and have been by my side very gently staying by my side until i know what's happening. i don't see it until the episode is over. i have also started to see what my triggers are. i find that a really stressful situation will bring it on. death is my issue since multiple unexpected, tragic young deaths have happened in my life within a few years. the worse being my 21 year old daughter. i just lost 2 close friends a week apart from each other. went to 1 viewing and had an episode shortly after returning to work. the 2nd i didn't attend because i knew what it would do. i can accept the death but i can't participate in the arrangements. sorry this was so long but i didn't know how else to explain.

have a great and peaceful day!!!!

Old 09-17-2005, 06:32 PM   #8
la isla bonita
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Location: the ocean breeze
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la isla bonita HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

Angel ~

well, who wouldn't have PTSD, after something like that?
I do know what you mean about choosing your friends carefully,
and the backing away, staying mentally safe.
most people dont' know, and this means no one really knows
when you're trigger has been tripped. got pulled over last night
for expired plates, am deathly afraid of the police, any kind of
confrontration, reduces me to a puddle. i spent the night on the couch
sobbing uncontrollably, in a nutshell my night was shot, woke up with
more panic. had to say to myself, that episode has passed, today
is a new day.

its amazing how little things, moments in time that last maybe five minutes
a comment from a relative, or friend, will set your soul in stone
and just like that, you're frozen, unable to do anything but stay stuck
in that moment, more like a prolonged shockwave one can't seem to get
out of.

your response touched me and you have my love and prayers.

i'm so very sorry for your loss. I lost my mother two years ago and have
yet to recover. last spring i said goodbye to my canine companion, he was
ten years old, i first carried him out of the humane society in a blanket at
six weeks, so you can imagine the devastation at having to put him
to sleep. he was the other side of my soul. more pain than i am able to write.

anyway, blessings,

You say, "give me something to believe in"
If nothing else, believe in truth. ~

Old 09-18-2005, 03:08 AM   #9
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smc612 HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

oh helen i am so sorry about both losses. you seem to understand me completely. i don't drink, take good care of myself physically and mentally. have really started to learn through the therapist,thank God i was able to find a good PTSD therapist. she had made me very gently talk about all of the deaths i have experienced. my daughters being the worse i couldn't even remember her funeral when i went in. i had everything blocked out for 8 years. it's no wonder i don't remember much and started to leave my body somewhere and my mind would go somewhere else. didn't realize i was like a robot. my best friend died 3 years ago and then my sister committed suicide 6 months later. both of my in-laws 1 week apart may 2004. then in the past 2 weeks 2 more friends. when someone passes that i am close to i relieve my daughter's death unknowingly.i planned all of these funerals like a robot without even realizing what i was doing. today i can't even attend a funeral. and that's okay.i have gotten much better at taking care of myself and letting everyone else do the daughter's anniversary was august 26th. one friend sent a card and the other 2 called me that morning knowing i was working alone. the fact that they remembered the date made me cry endlessly but it was such relief to know that they rememberd the date and cared enough to tell me. i could go on endlessly because there is so much but i won't burn your ear anymore today. be well and thank you for caring. if i can ever do the same please come to me. i am there for you also.


Old 09-28-2005, 10:04 PM   #10
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lorcaking HB User
Re: Natural remedies??

Of 1st and foremost importance would be to get a good, not just competent, psychologist. As for any chemical imbalances you may be experiencing, SAM-E is supposed to work well, but according to my psychologist, it needs to be a high quality brand (one you'd find in a major health food/vitamin store, not just Walgreens) and takes at least 2-6 months before you can give up on it's working. As with any nutritional supplement, even if it works, you won't see a drastic difference all at once. Diet, exercise (endorphins are the MOST natural antidepressant), and social interaction are as important as any drug or supplement!
P.S. High quality fish oil is excellent for many things: heart and brain function have been scientifically proven in multiple research studies. Good luck with whichever route you take to a balanced life!

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