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sarah408 10-19-2008 09:39 PM

depression and workplace trauma question

Here's my question- is it possible to have some kind of post traumatic stress from a dysfunctional workplace?

Asking because I was laid off a year ago- and took the year off to regroup and address my depression (fell into a bad depression with anxiety after my lay-off, tho the depression was present before the lay-off) and since have had recurring very bad workplace dreams.... reliving the abuse and ill treatment that went on whilst working there. Had one last night- woke up in a sweat, feeling scared and took awhile to calm down so I could fall asleep again.

The dreams are very real and recurring. Any thoughts on how to get them to stop? Is it a form of PTSD?
It also makes me quite fearful of my upcoming jobhunt- I so do not want to get into another bad environment.

Anyone with insight or a similar experience?

Cheers, Sarah

maybecrazy 10-20-2008 12:56 AM

Re: depression and workplace trauma question
Hi Sarah,

i worked in a company that was taken over twice - the first time was great they had lots of money and we got new equipment - the second time was a nightmare - they bullied people from the old company till tehy left so they couldnt pay then redundancy or they sent them to places they didnt want to work after i left i too took a year off - i was depressed (i realise this now) i had no trouble getting another job though - if you are having re-curring dreams try talking to someone about it - a friend counciller or psychologist or dr - somtimes just getting it out into the open helps and they can give you all types of strategies to help you through this - i hope you find something that works for you - MBC

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