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Bastielle 04-25-2012 01:40 PM

Someone's advice.
Hi, I'm Cara, and I'm new to the fourm, and I'm 26. I'll get to the point though.
When I was 18 years old I tried to commit suicide from a bad break up, (a year before that I was a victim of a sex crime). Back to the point- a few weeks ago something happened with my mom and something was said (something to do with her) i started looking around the internet for information on her situation, as I was looking for stuff to do with her I begin to realize that some of this stuff was fitting me more then her.
After that night I remember telling myself that I couldn't feel this pain I was in, and suddenly it went numb, and I had forgotten about the night I had tried to commit suicide, and the pain I was in. I went on with life, I kinda had an idea of what happened that night, and what trigger it. Through the years I have had some kind of feeling, in waves, sometimes I can experience happiness, or sad and/or depression then it goes away, and then I'm numb again.
Its taken me eight years to fully remember that night, if i really do remember everything. I think I do, but not exactly sure, there still could be things I don't remember though. I think I have PTSD, but Im not sure Ive never gone to a doctor for it, or have ever been treated for it. I've never told anyone about that night and what happened because I had a fear I would I locked up in some padded cell for years, so i just kept my mouth shut about it. I think I'm ready to start talking about this, but I'm still not really sure. I don't know how to explain this to my mother (I'm very close to her) I'm afraid of her judgment, and what she'll think of me, or how she'll react to it, she's not always the type to freak out, but I'm scared I'll upset her or she will freak out. I want to do something about this, but I know I need to tell her first then go from there.
Does anyone have any kind of advice in how to approach this situation with her?

Phoenix 04-25-2012 05:26 PM

Re: Someone's advice.
Hello Bastielle and welcome.

The best way to express your point to her is with honesty and sincerity and then give her enough time to process it all.

I'm not sure if you want to address both your and her concerns all at once.

Starting with her issues may be a good segway into yours,as you've noticed an overlap in symptoms that both of you possess.

The fact that you didn't state her exact situation shows that you are protective of your mother and rightfully so.

I personally don't feel that it'll put a strain on the mother/daughter relationship.

Who knows,it might just help both of getting it off your chest and her feeling that she can be there for you,as a mother with unconditional love.


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