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new0918 12-02-2012 10:53 PM

Is this normal?
I was in a severe car accident two months ago crashing head on 45 mph into a concrete barrier after losing control of my car in the rain getting off of an exit ramp in the dark. It was only me in the car and I didn't hit anyone else but I suffered pretty severe injuries. I was life flighted to the hospital and spent a month in the hospital. After the accident I was fine at first. I never had lost consciousness and to this day I could tell you every detail of the accident and how the pulled my leg out from under the seat, etc. I was afraid of nothing. Two months later it's the opposite. I'm still not allowed to drive which I'm so thankful of bc I'm terrified. I barely can get in the car without panicking. I can't be in the dark. I sleep with either a lamp or the TV on mute b/c in the dark I see smoke and being trapped and it takes me back. The nightmares I experience are the most vivid flashbacks, I wake up soaking wet and terrified. I just want to know if it's normal to be so psychologically affected. Especially so delayed. I'm 19 and had to move back home from college for the year because of the accident as well. I just feel like I was fine and suddenly all the psychological affects hit me at one time and I'm not sure if that's normal or how to make it stop.

Phoenix 12-06-2012 12:04 PM

Re: Is this normal?
Hello new0918 and welcome.

The symptoms you speak of are to be expected in a person with PTSD.
With respect to time,PTSD can be a gradually progressive or instantaneous process experienced;depending upon the individual.

This traumatic stress disorder can be controlled with the use of medication and/or individual therapy.


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