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al2009 08-23-2006 09:40 PM

Girlfriend under stress or pregnant?
First off, i'd like to state that i am male. I've been with my girlfriend for a little over a year now, and something that has come up recently has started to worry me. I've checked all around the internet for information, however i'd like to get some personal opinions from women here that have been through a pregnancy.

First, some background information. My girlfriend is a year younger than me, and has been on birth control (cryselle) for a little under a year. She just recently moved to college (mine), and classes started today. Now for the questionable statuses...

1. She hasn't been getting any of the pre-period symptoms she usually gets. About a week before she begins to bleed, she usually hits major mood swings and gets slight cramps.

2. She starts her green pills (or the "placebos" of the birth control packet, or so i've been told) on thursday, while she usually starts bleeding early saturday morning.

3. For the past 2 nights, she's had unexplained MAJOR stomach pains and nauseua (sp?). Tonight, along with the stomach oddities, she had a major headache. She says that these pains are so severe that it hurts to breathe, and only feels better if she lays down and "curls into a ball". Even then she still says that it hurts like a B. However, she hasn't vomited.

4. Before 2 nights ago, she hasn't said anything about these oddities. Also, in the past 2 nights, these symptoms have set in fairly quickly. She was feeling fine at one point, but then 5 minutes later the pain/nauseua was in full swing. These things also carry over until the morning, maybe until about 1.5 hours after she wakes up.

[b]So[/b], the odd activities with her stomach/head combined with the "no pre-period symptoms" have me more than a little paranoid. Her diet hasn't changed that much since she's been at college, so i (being the awesome doctor that i am :rolleyes:) have ruled out her eating something to screw up her digestion. The last time we had sex was probably a little over a week ago, which was..... um..... 3 weeks into her cycle, i think, if i'm counting that correctly.

Could it just be the stress of the new surroundings/classes? Would the symptoms (i've learned that "morning sickness" can actually happen any time of the day) set on that fast, within a matter of 5-10 minutes? Would they be that severe? Am i just a paranoid guy?

I appreciate any input or experiences. Thanx in advance.

minnesotagirl 08-23-2006 09:50 PM

Re: Girlfriend under stress or pregnant?
No, the symptoms would not set on within a matter of 5-10 minutes. It could be her lack of PMS is due to the stress of moving to college. There's so much going on, she might not have time to really have mood swings. Plus, her stomach ache sounds like something else, like a flu bug or something. Could be something she ate, it could even be more severe, like appendicitis (sp?), which usually sets on really fast and requires medical attention. Or maybe she's having more severe PMS cramps because of the stress. Either way, Ii her stomach aches continue through the week, I'd advise her to go see a school nurse. Some of the other pregnancy symptoms usually experienced early are sore breasts (also a sign of PMS though) and being really, really tired. If she starts her green pills tomorrow, just wait to see if she has her period. If she doesn't have it within the next week, then she could take a pregnancy test. I wouldn't worry about it until then. It's good that you're a concerned boyfriend, though. Of course it's common to be worried when someone you care about is sick. I'd say at this point the stomach is probably due to something else other than pregnancy. Good luck to you.

al2009 08-23-2006 10:07 PM

Re: Girlfriend under stress or pregnant?
Thanx for the prompt reply minnesotagirl :) .

The only concerns i have regarding the stomach pain is the timing of them. It doesn't bother her throughout the day, and has only set it around 10/11 pm the last 2 days. If it were something serious like a problem w/ an organ, wouldn't it be sort of a continuous pain, or triggered by something similar for the past 2 nights? About the "they could be cramps", my girl seems to think they aren't cramps. She says the pain is in her stomach, instead of normally in her "lower area" (her words, not mine).

I AM very happy to hear that the morning sickness effects wouldn't set in that quickly. I'm assuming it'd be sort of a gradual descent into pain/neasuia (i gotta learn how to spell that) everytime those symptoms would set in, instead of being a "5-minute initialization" episode. It's also true that stress could be postponing the usual pre-menstral signs, so thanx for clearing that up.

al2009 08-25-2006 03:55 PM

Re: Girlfriend under stress or pregnant?
Ok, she didn't feel any pain what-so-ever last night. No stomach problems, no headaches, nothing. So, it must HAVE been something she ate, or just some odd fluke that caused the pains. Another case of "Even the littlest hint of pregnancy causes paranoia".

Oh, and to Sofiana, my girl has been on birth control for almost a year now, so there's the protection. She's very responsible about it, and takes it pretty much the same time everyday (give or take an hour).

Thanx for your replies :)

*EDIT*: She got her period today! Mountain Dews all around! lol

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