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zemerson 06-25-2012 09:14 PM

paranoid PLEASE HELP
Alright so im somewhat embarrassed for asking for advice on this but my situation is rather weird and id really appreciate some advice or opinions on what happened today. I KNOW ITS A LONG POST BUT IF YOU COULD TAKE THE TIME TO READ AND LEAVE A REPLY ID BE SO GRATEFUL.

So i my period started last night and today i was at my boyfriends house. I have made a personal choice to refrain from sex until im married and my boyfriend (for religious reasons) has agreed the same. he is 17 and i am turning 17 in 2 weeks and we have absolutely no interest in having a chilld (OF COURSE). anyway i should state that i am a VERY anxious and paranoid person when it comes to these things and no matter how preposterous the situation is i always worry myself sick.
but to continue, today my boyfriend and i were sort of having "dry sex" if you will, as we are not interested in having actual penetrative sex a i stated before. we were BOTH wearing jeans.

so what i am worried about (and bare with me) is that, i believe i may have touched where a small bit of semen made contact with his jeans, with my fingers. even though i dont remember actually feeling anything and if i HAD touched any it would be a small amount. and although i dont think sperm actually has the ability to swim through denim i still would be interested to hear an inform answer on the subject!!!
but i am slightly concerned that when i went to the bathroom shortly afterwards, could i have transferred some (if any, and a very very small amount) of the semen that i may have touched without noticing from my hand to the toilet roll and wiped it onto my vagina? I have read that sperm needs the actual semenal fluid to be active and i imagine that after somehow swimming through denim it wouldnt be to frisky but i would really just like some opinions on this.
i also think that if there WAS anything there it would have probably been absorbed into the toilet paper anyway...even though there was no actual FLUID on my hands. i merely worry about the possibility that i TOUCHED the wet patch on his jeans.

it is also the first day of my period today so the other question i have is, could sperm (without penetration from a penis or a large amount of fluid) somehow navagate the vagina while it is bloody? id imagine this would be a very hostile enviroment but again, opinions would be greatly appreciated.

SO i realise this is a long post and pretty silly, but id really like some views and advice. THANKYOU AND PLEASE REPLY !!

Kszan 06-25-2012 11:28 PM

Re: paranoid PLEASE HELP
You have nothing to worry about. No one has ever gotten pregnant that way because it's not physically possible for the sperm to get through clothing. You're totally fine.

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