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corrielancaster 10-06-2012 02:08 PM

please help me, extremely worried, don't know what to do or think..
First and foremost, i would like to apologize if i ramble or may seem absolutely ridiculous but i am extremely worried, i have been stressing over this situation for 1 week now, and each day gets harder and harder, I can't concentrate in class and I've failed 2 of the 3 tests i had this week, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. now, here's the entire situation. i am a virgin, i've never had sex before, I'm 16 years old and before september 7th 2012 i had never let a guy touch me or see me naked. so, on september 7th me and my boyfriend were getting close at his house and i felt like i was ready to take it to the next step, and start with the preliminaries. he was touching me down there but i felt pain when he would try and insert his finger even just a bit so he stopped and was basically just "rubbing" and moving in a way to turn on but not actually fingering, although we had touched each other before hand , like he was erect which meant he had pre ejaculated and he had touched himself before touching at first i got so scared when i realized what had happened, i researched that pre ejaculate contains traces of sperm and can cause a pregnancy, and since he had touched my vagina afterwards with his hands containing the pre ejaculate even though he didn't insert all the way, i have been so so afraid of a possible pregnancy since .. and to make matters worse, i am one week late for my period, and each day that goes by without any sign of my period drives me absolutely insane, I'm shaking and i don't know what to do, i can't calm down, i can't be pregnant i just can't be, I've talked about this with a friend and she had told me that it is possible to be pregnant even without intercourse as the pre ejaculate still may have entered your vagina and all, i wanted some confirmations if i should be worried or not, if i may be pregnant, anything.. and just one more detail, i don't know if this is important or not, but my last period , that came on september 1st 2012 was about a week earlier than usual, as it should have came on the 9th..i guessed it was because i was stressed re started school and all , i don't know .. but we had our moment the day after i finished my now i don't know if i should be a week late, since based on my last period i was early, or i wait until when my period usually comes at ... anyways please any help would be really appreciated ..

Thisby 10-07-2012 01:32 PM

Re: please help me, extremely worried, don't know what to do or think..
There is no way you can get pregnant from what you describe. You have to stop stressing!

You're gonna be fine. My only warning is that since you and your boyfriend have decided to enter into this territory, you should start thinking about birth control.

Next time you could end up doing something that might actually have some risk and if you freak out this bad over something with no risk, imagine how you'll handle real risk?

Lucyclarck 10-14-2012 06:08 PM

Re: please help me, extremely worried, don't know what to do or think..
I had to give you a "hug" because it just seems like you need one. So, the chance of you getting pregnant from precum is very low. Plus, despite what some people will say, precum does not produce its own ***. The only traces of *** it has is from previous ejaculation. So do not worry. The chances are so low. But you NEED to relax. Or else you are gonna cause yourself to just keep delaying your period. I made that mistake once and almost actually went off the grid. Like I was borderline insane. So just take a deep breath and relax!!

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