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holyfunnypig 01-25-2013 06:23 PM

please help fast. I'm terrified.
so yesterday I did it for the first time and I'm 16. I never expected to be in a situation like this. ever. so it only lasted for a minute or so and he did not ejaculate. it was unprotected. he had *** about half an hour or so before that and showered but I got my period the 7th of January and believe the ovulation day is just around these few days. He started and i guess the hymen broke and i started to bleed and when he found out we stopped. what are the chances? I'm really scared and promise to never do this again. -.- I can't believe this happened.

writeleft 01-26-2013 03:29 AM

Re: please help fastt. I'm terrified.
If he did not ejaculate inside you, there should be no problem. Once semen dries out completely, it is not viable anymore. Try not to worry, as this can affect your next period starting on time. Please dont beat yourself up over this, as it sounds as if you have learned how quickly this can happen, and not to let this happen until you are ready.

holyfunnypig 01-26-2013 06:35 PM

Re: please help fastt. I'm terrified.
but I've googled a ton of things about it. what about pre***? -.-

writeleft 01-27-2013 09:27 PM

Re: please help fast. I'm terrified.
Any sperm that has been induced into your vagina still has quite a journey to make it far enough to penetrate the egg. The point of the ejaculation is to propel the sperm to the point in which it meets the egg, and to have at least one sperm penetrate the egg.

If you had intercourse where there was no ejaculation, conception is highly unlikely. If you are concerned about any sperm that was left on the penis before it entered you, no worries, once sperm dries out, it dies.

I am not a doctor, or an expert in human reproduction, but I do know the basic facts, and with those, my response to your question is that you are unlikely to be pregnant, based on my understanding of your story. While it is always possible to become pregnant from unprotected sex, there are scenarios that have less chance of ending in pregnancy. My feelings are that your situation is one of those.

Of course, to be sure, a blood test performed by a doctor is your most accurate measure of pregnancy. Even urine tests need enough time for the pregnancy hormone to become present in your urine. The high level of stress involved can make many women prone to thinking they are pregnant, and can actually delay periods for some women.

Just trying to help, and hope to ease your mind a bit. I do understand what a scary position you are in, I had a similar scare in my younger days, and it is not fun. I am hoping for the best outcome for you, and let me know what you find out, OK? I will be watching for you...

holyfunnypig 02-09-2013 08:43 PM

Re: please help fast. I'm terrified.
Thanks Janet. Your post did help me relax and stop thinking about it. I got my period today :D thank you so much for being here and commenting when I had no one else to consult. These two weeks I've been reminded of it occasionally but your post helped me push it aside to focus on my schoolwork and family. Now i know why people are constantly talking about safe sex. im never going to do this again if im not prepared for pregnancy. thanks again :)

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