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Random Pregnancy Questions!

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Old 08-19-2004, 08:27 PM   #1
fatally yours
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fatally yours HB User
Random Pregnancy Questions!

Okay I'm totally new at this, so please bare with me. I've always known that I wanted kids, and was even considering becoming an OB so I took a few of those classes in college, and did tons of my own info research because I'm so fascinated by the whole pregnancy thing. The thing is, since I've never actually been pregnant before, there are certain things I don't know. This is a list of questions I'm compiling to ask my doctor when I go in for my appointment. But I was hoping that maybe some of you could give me some answers to them since I won't have my appointment for about a week, and some of this stuff I'd like to know right away. Any help would be appreciated! And I apologize if some of them sound really dumb.

1. What foods should I be avoiding, and which should I be eating more of? What about pop? Is that a no-no during pregnancy? I haven't drank any since I got the BFP, I've only been drinking water and juice. It's been kinda hard, but I didn't wanna risk it!

2. Stretchmarks - I don't believe that there's any magical cream or lotion that will completely prevent stretchmarks. But, it does make sense to me that well-hydrated skin will have more elasticity, therefore will stretch much easier and will be less likely to get stretchmarks, or if there are stretchmarks, they'd be smaller and less noticeable. Right? If that's correct, what's the best thing to use on my belly? I always see that Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretchmark cream stuff at the store... is that any good? Should I start applying now?

3. Exercise - I've never really done a whole lot of exercising (except when I was much younger and was involved in all kinds of sports), aside from taking an occasional walk and doing situps every other night. I'm pretty sure I can continue the walks, right? But should I stop with the situps? Obviously I wouldn't be able to continue to do them once I start popping out. If I should stop them altogether, are there any alternative ab excercises I can do? It might seem kinda dumb that I'd even still want to do them, since I'm going to be huge anyway! But I've always had very toned abs and I've read that having strong stomach muscles aids in a smoother delivery.

4. I have a pet hamster in my room. His cage is due for a cleaning - could it be harmful to me to breathe that in? I don't use the cedar or pine bedding, it's just this gray almost papery stuff, so I'm not worried about breathing that in cuz it'd be impossible. But as far as other things go, like germs and all that? Should I not even have the cage in my room?

5. When does the extreme sleepyness usually kick in? I'm not really experiencing that now. It's more of a somewhat drowsy feeling, if that makes sense? Like when you have a cold and take cold medicine...the drowsy feeling you get from that. And it's not real bad. How much sleep have you found that you need each night to feel rested?

6. I hadn't been taking any vitamins (not regularly, anyway) before I found out I was pregnant. I do have some One Source for Teens vitamins, and I took one today... Would it be better if I went and bought those Prenatal pills that you can find at the drugstore? Is it bad to take the ones I'm currently taking?

7. I've been very... emotional lately. I get teary-eyed at the littlest things, especially when thinking about babies in general! It's so weird. I'm sure it's due to the hormones, but the strange thing is, I started feeling this way during what would have been the week after conception! Would that have been too early for the hormones to have been affecting me like that?

Okay that's all I can think of for now but if I think of any others, I'll add them!

One more thing! My name is Heidi, so if you wanna call me that, go ahead!

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Chrissi HB User
Re: Random Pregnancy Questions!

well you dont really have to avoid any food unless it starts to make you sick.
and you may want to replace the junk food *if thats your thing* with healthier foods.
pop is okay, my ob told me one can a day wont hurt anything *i had alot more than that though*(my 10 mo. old little girl is just fine).....but avoid diet pop or any products with aspertame and there is another one that starts with a *phen* but i cant think of it maybe someone can help me out)....(it is in sugarless gum too) its saftey during preg. has not been established.

and i avoided streach marks by using st ives collegen and elastin all over my body after my shower from the time i learned i was preg....pallmers will work too but if you check the ingredients it has vit. e and collegen and ellastin...and that is what prevents the marks. and st ives is A lot les expensive. *where i live anyway*

i think you can continue your situps for a little longer but not to much longer...ask the dr.
walking is great! and you do not have to do anything else if you do not want to.

the hamster....well i personally would get rid of it. but if you are attached you can clean the cage using latex/rubber gloves, and with a mask if you worry about the odors. the odor may start making you sick around/through 5-12 weeks.
*i had to get rid of my pet bunny cause of the smell*

you may start feeling sleepy very soon...but it will fade at about 12 weeks *it may continue longer* then in the 2nd tri you may have a lot more energy then the 3rd tri tiredness again...(for obvious reasons)

vitamins... yes the pre natals are a better idea, (they have more iron) though they may make you sick.
it is fine to take the ones you were taking and i cant sress enough FOLIC ACID 800 mcgs (200%) a day start taking it ...yesterday!!!! it prevents spina bifida in a baby
*a spine deformity, which can be SEVER*
if you cant tolerate the prenat *i couldnt* you can just take a daily multiple with iron
(i took Flintstones with iron, so did my best friend)

the tears... perfectly normal and yes thet can get you even only a week after conception.

congrats to you, and remember that folic acid!
oh and you may want to get the book "your pregnancy week by week"
or "what to expect when your expecting"
i liked the week by week one better personally.
DD Born:10-13-2003
DS Born: 5-04-2005

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Old 08-19-2004, 10:17 PM   #3
fatally yours
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 71
fatally yours HB User
Re: Random Pregnancy Questions!

Chrissi, thanks so much for your reply!! I know that was a lot of typing, and I really appreciate the time and effort! You helped me out so much! I am most definitely getting the folic acid, vitamins, and lotion tomorrow! I'd read on here that it was important, I just didn't know how important, or why. Now I know! Thanks again!

Old 08-19-2004, 10:21 PM   #4
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Chrissi HB User
Re: Random Pregnancy Questions!

you are certainly welcome and it was worth the effort as long as it helped you out
DD Born:10-13-2003
DS Born: 5-04-2005

Old 08-20-2004, 07:40 AM   #5
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Amarie80 HB User
Re: Random Pregnancy Questions!

Actually there ARE foods you should avoid...there are fish that have high amounts of mercury (swordfish, shark, fresh tuna, king mackerel) Avoid raw or undercooked meats (sushi, some meat spreads, undercooked hotdogs, etc) and soft cheese (feta, Brie, blue, etc) these can contain a bacteria that is NOT good for babies. It isn't so much the pop that you need to wory about, it is the ones with caffeine, but water and juice IS alot better to keep you hydrated.

I got a book at my library that *I think* was called Fit Pregnancy that had all kinds of exercises that were good to get you ready for labor.

Vitamins ARE important. The baby needs them and if you dont take them, she/he will take from your body and leave YOU with out the vits you need.

Take care!

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Mommy2Isaiah HB User
Re: Random Pregnancy Questions!

WATER WATER WATER!!! That is the BEST thing to drink while pg. Some soda is ok, but like the other poster said, it's the caffeine and the aspartame that does the most damage. Caffeine can have some serious effects on your baby, like low birth weight, slow learning, and addiction. I think you would probably have to drink it in serious amounts for that to happen, though. If you do not have enough water in your body, you can get severe leg cramps and severe headaches. You should drink at least 64 oz of water a day, AT LEAST. Juice is good, too, but the sugar content in some is high and that prevents accurate absorption. Gatorade is great, b/c of the sodium needed for pregnancy isn't too high, but just high enough if you do get the leg cramps, and it hydrates your body well. One of my best friends lost a lot of sleep because of these cramps. Her foot would bend backwards in a cramp that she couldn't get out of. Once she started the gatorade though, they went away (somewhat).

My sister used a $50 bottle of "stretch mark preventing cream" that her MIL bought her and she has the WORST stretch marks I have EVER seen. I think it's your body, and not some miracle cream.

DO avoid any type of raw fish, and be careful with tuna, too. There is mercury in it and that can be detrimental to your baby's health . Raw vegetables and whole grain breads are great.

Vitamins are SOO important for your baby, especially Folic Acid.

Get the book "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy", it is a GREAT book!! You can even buy a journal that goes along with it. It's nice to have to look back at. I journaled on my own throughout my pg. I love to go back and read what I was feeling during each stage of pg.

When we do get the BFP, I am going to start walking more. I know I probably should be doing it now, but I am the type of person that needs a reason .
Good luck!

EDD 6/29/05
Isaiah 5/21/99
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Zayazmama HB User
Re: Random Pregnancy Questions!

I have a bit to add.......

Exercise is okay if you are careful..... If you do cardio, DO NOT get your heart rate higher than 140 - it is too much of a rise in your own body heat which will be passed on to your little one. Do not do anything that will cause you to be lying on your back too much while exercising. LOW IMPACT, LOW IMPACT, LOW IMPACT. Any exercise you can do will help you and the baby, but DO NOT overdo it. (this is info I got both from my preg book and my doc)......

Soda....It is advised to avoid if possible (even while not pregnant). But if you have to have your 'fix', avoid caffeine at all costs. I do drink some ginger ale, as it helps greatly with nausea.

Foods.....oh yes, avoid certain fish. The mercury is very harmful.

Vitamins.....take prenatals asap. The folic acid is essential to help your babies spine grow correctly, as to avoid Spina Bifida......

One last thing to this situation....there are no stupid questions. Ask anything. Odds are, we have all thought it, wondered it , or experienced it......


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