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Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

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Old 08-29-2004, 12:46 PM   #1
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Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

Hi all,

I found out on Thursday that we are expecting--we're early on (about 2wks). Anyway, my obgyn put me on progesterone to help me sustain the pregnancy--has anyone else has to take it? I am very sleepy most of the time, I know some of that is from the preg. but does the progesterone do that too? Also, I have some very mild cramping--sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right, sometimes in the middle. Any else have that? My first dr appt is on the 22nd and I am just so afraid something bad will happen. We've tried for so long and I just want to make sure I don't miss any warning signs. Also--what do they do at the first appt?

Sorry if these seem like silly questions, I don't have any where else to ask...thank you!

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Re: Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

If you already know you're pregnant, you're farther along than 2 weeks. A home pregnancy test won't even show you're pregnant until (at the earliest...example First Response tests) 5 days before your missed period. Which would make you around 3.5 weeks, depending on how long your cycles are. Since you found out Thursday, you're probably around 4-4.5 weeks. The first day you're considered pregnant is the first day of your last period (LMP). If you go to one of those due date calculators and put in your LMP, it will give you an approximate due date. I didn't have to take progesterone but I was really tired, had sore boobs, and cramping around this time. Try not to worry!
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Re: Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

Actually Live,some doctors will go by Ovulation date as a possible conception date. I know with my second son we dindt use my LPM because I tended to have cycles that were 34 days so that would have put me further along than normal and would have put undue stress on me because things wouldnt have added up on the baby's growth and so on. My doctor knew this thankfully because I was charting. I knew when I was only about 14 days pregnant from O. The blood test I had proved it.
So it could very easily be she is only 2 weeks pregnant.
With my second son I was on the progestrone to maintain the pregnancy. My doctor mainly did it because we discovered the pregnancy so early that she didnt like the level and wanted to give the extra to help. With me I wasnt overly tired but then again with both of my pregnancies I didnt have the feeling of being tired until the middle of each pregnancy.
There is a great book called What To Expect When You Are Expecting. It answered so many questions I had. It even had a run down of what to expect with each doctor visit.
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Re: Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

Thanks for the advice, I will look for the book. FYI, the "pos hpt, neg blood test" thread is me. If you've looked at it, you'll see that it has been such a confusing week and I don't know what to believe! I don't think I am that far along since the blood test last week was neg. The test on thursday showed a HCG of 88. I'm glad to hear that mild cramping is normal, though, Im trying not to be paranoid but...anyway, thanks again!

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Re: Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

Sugary, another way to think of it is to think of the day you did the deed that got you pregnant. Then count 2 weeks back from that day. That 2 weeks back date is technically the first day of your pregnancy. So, if you got pregnant from sex on, say, August 15, the "first day" of your pregnancy (according to the way the doctors count) would be August 1. So by August 29, you would be 4 weeks. Weird, I know, but it's based on the silly idea that we all have 28 day cycles. If I went by the day of my lmp, I would be 4 months along! I know, though, that I didn't ovulate until day 55, so I am actually just shy of 8 weeks.

I'm still having some mild cramping- for whatever reason mine seems to be worse at night when I'm lying in bed. I've also noticed that putting very light pressure with my hands (really just resting my hands on my belly) relieves the pain. I think the cramping is very normal- there's a lot going on in there! I find it a little reassuring to be able to feel something going on. I think it is nothing to worry about unless it turns into severe cramps, or cramps with a really bad backache.

I'm taking progesterone, 100mg 2 times per day. My best friend was taking 100mg 4 times per day. It made her feel AWFUL. She said starting about 1 hour after she took the pills she was like a zombie. I haven't noticed any problems at all from the progesterone, so it just depends on the person.

I also think it's normal to be very tired. I have noticed that some of my sleepiness has tapered off, but I think I've just gotten used to the idea of a nap each day and getting 9 hours of sleep each night. It could be the progesterone, or it could just be natural pregnant tiredness. Either way, both very normal.

My first appointment, I actually came in because I had had some spotting, so they did an u/s to make sure everything was ok (it was more than ok- twins!!). Some ladies are lucky enough to get an u/s first visit, other not. I guess it just depends on your doctor. They will probably do the following:
take a urine sample at the start of the visit
weigh you
take your blood pressure
do a pelvic exam/pap smear
and take blood at the end of the visit.

Your doctor may also talk to you about nutrition, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

If you aren't already, you should think about taking a pre-natal vitamin with 800+ micrograms of folic acid every day.

If I gave a ton of info you already knew, I'm sorry! I realize I've written a book! I hope this is helpful. Good luck and congratulations!!
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lilmom HB User
Re: Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

I've used Progesterone with two pregnancies including this one and yes if your body isn't making enough to sustain the pregnancy you need to use it. BUT the placenta will make enough for the preg. by the 3rd month.... if you continue to take it after this point you will start freaking out and plummet into a deep depression. So Beware, I've been there.
You are probably tired because of the pregnancy, I feel almost drugged most of the time because I'm, SO very tired.
When are you due? maybe you would like to join one of our EDD threads I'm in the April... even though I don't know when I'm due Congrats and enjoy your pregnancy!
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Re: Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

Lawgirl & Lilmom,

Thank you so much for the info! I don't have regular periods--I have PCO and never know when I am going to ovulate. I'm guessing I would be about 4 weeks pregnant then--but really 2 weeks. I think I should have paid more attention in health class! I'm on 100mg 4x's/day progesterone--I don't quite feel like a zombie but close enough. I will watch out for depression signs though. I think I will have an ultrasound, I think I remember the nurse mentioning it. Anyway, thanks again and you can never give too much info!

Last week when we first thought we were pg, we told my parents (I know, big mistake). Then we were told by the first DR we were not pg; the blood test was neg. It turns out we were, just very early. Anyway, after we were told the test was neg we had to call my parents. My dad was pretty devastated and asked us not to tell them anything until we are at least three months along. I feel so alone without my mom knowing. She and I are very close and I always imagined her knowing from day 1. I am planning to ask her if she agrees with dad or not and if she does want to know, but I don't want to get in the middle...Anyway thank you all so much! Even though I don't know any of you I definately feel better having some of my questions answered! To answer you question--I think I am due in May, maybe I'll have to start a May thread!

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kierrasmommy HB User
Re: Help from exp. mommies--newbie here

I haven't had to use progesterone..but it is looking like a possibility (2 miscarriages) I did have cramping in my first pregnancy, it felt very much like a period...I had very few other symptoms so I kept going to the bathroom to make sure Aunt Flow wasn't there...and man...did I ever spend a fortune on HPT's! I kept checking to make sure that line was still there. It was just the ligaments and muscles stretching though.I have a friend who had been TTC for 3 years and finally was given progesterone, she is now 37 weeks pregnant. Goodluck.

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