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This is really getting frustrating to me

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Old 03-19-2005, 04:37 PM   #1
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andilyn HB User
This is really getting frustrating to me

I don't know if I am the only person who feels this way, but thought I would give it a try and see if anyone else can relate. I'm 24 weeks, and so far, everything has been fine with my pregnancy. I have had a few things, like high blood pressure, but other than that, nothing major, and I am so thankful for that. Anyway, I found when I was early on, I worried a little about the pregnancy, normal, I know. But as time goes on, I am terrified of everything. I worry so much about our baby that I cry almost everynight. I am scared about my water breaking early, about the baby dying, about getting germs from our cat, which we have had for 2 and a half years, and he is an indoor cat, and I was told that if you have had a cat for several years, and it stays inside, then your chances of contracting anything are slim. Even so, my DH cleans his litter, and cleans our house regularly. I am on Paxil, but just seem to be getting worse. My dr gave me refills just the other day on the Paxil, and she asked if I needed to up the dosage, but I said no, it's working well. And I sort of fibbed through that, because I do feel like a higher dosage might be helpful. But the reason I don't is because I am scared enough about taking it while pregnant, and I don't feel like a higher dose it good for the baby. I have read several things about it being safe during pregnancy, and my dr assured me it is safe. But I can't shake the feeling that I would be a horrible person taking a higher dose of it, just for my own benefit. I am sorry this is so long, but I just hope someone out there knows where I am coming from, or can offer up any advice or suggestions. Thanks so much!

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Old 03-19-2005, 05:51 PM   #2
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DazedandConfused HB User
Exclamation Re: This is really getting frustrating to me

I know how u feel......being a parent or parent to be, is all about worries..ur thinking .."How is the baby growing".."will he/she be alright when i have the ultrasound?", "What if something is wrong?"...and if so "Is it something i did?"..these r all normal reactions to pregnancy..any normal mother or mother to be will be worried over something one point or another during her pregnancy..this is just not for woman, but for the fathers too..some even develop symptoms that mimic pregnancy(like morning sickness)they call them sympathy pains..yeah right i say..if they could have these babies and go through what we go through..they would say what they got is a walk in the park! no...i am just kidding..if any new dads are reading offense intended:-).....i am just saying..u r normal..probably since u have depression/social anxiety disorder, it is making u worse..and prob u do need a higher does, since being pregnant brings on a whole range of emotions , and with your condition it might be exaberated by the pregnancy,,,and your concern with the cat..i would not be too worried, if u are not changing the litter, u should be fine....but i was just wondering what paxil u r on...Normal PAXIL, or PAXIL-CR.., your doc will outway the pros and cons in your specific case.....but with PAXIL or PAXIL-CR, it can lead to complications->

Can I use Paxil CR if I am pregnant or nursing?
Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Babies born to mothers who have taken antidepressants in the third trimester of pregnancy, including SSRIs such as Paxil CR, have reported complications. These complications, which may appear at delivery, have included difficulties with breathing, turning blue, seizures, changing body temperature, feeding problems, vomiting, low blood sugar, floppiness, stiffness, tremor, shakiness, irritability or constant crying. Tube feeding, help with breathing, and longer hospitalization may be needed. There have also been reports of premature births in pregnant women exposed to SSRIs, including Paxil CR.

I know i know..why am i telling u this for when u r worried enough right?..well i dont know where u live or what the FDA rules safe in your country, but 4 all i know usually they tells people to wean themselves Off of these types of meds before they become pregnant...but i would imagine your doc knows what he/she is doing,,,just had to put some info should visit Paxils website..i know i cannot post it here, but some searching u will find it..i am sure you and your doc talked this over before....i guess all i can tell u is..sit back, relax, and enjoy the feeling of being prego, while u can:-)this is the easy part!
So i hoped i helped a bit..sorry about that bit of info...but i thought u might want to know:-)


Old 03-19-2005, 08:07 PM   #3
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cattieos HB User
Re: This is really getting frustrating to me

You are NOT crazy! I am though! I think every woman worries, my DH makes me sooo mad cause he is never worried about anything! We have a cat too, and I won't even touch her! About changing the litter box, that is a big no-no, and i look at it this way, take advantage of not having to change that nasty thing! I don't particulary like my cat anyway though, but I won't let her on the beds or couch or anything, in case she has germs on her feet!
I have convinced myself that this baby is coming at 32 weeks in the back of the car! I am also terrified of him dying, and yesterday listened to his heart beat 6 times!
I worry about every single thing I can fidn to worry about!
It just means we love our little guys!
Oh and if the dr says it is safe, dont' worry so much about taking it. Look it up you can probably find out what class it is in.

Old 03-19-2005, 11:53 PM   #4
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taberlan HB User
Re: This is really getting frustrating to me

as far as cats go, you can get toxoplasmosis, but you can also get it from meats, dirt and other things, but the good thing is that if you have had cats on and off all your life you probably have already had it, and once you've had it you are immune. You wouldn't really know if you have ever had it because the symptoms are kinda like that of the common cold. I was worried with my first and I was working at a vet's office so I told my doctor and he screened me for it and it came back positive, which was good, that meant I had already had it at one time or another and couldn't get it again.
I have 2 indoor cats that are 9 years old and I have 3 healthy children.
I don't know if this will help you feel better, but I though I would try..
I would worry more about the Paxil then I would anything else. But even then your doctor knows what he is doing and if he thinks it's safe, then quit worring about that too..........relax and enjoy being preg. it's one of the best exsperiences in the world.....

Old 03-20-2005, 04:36 AM   #5
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stacydl HB User
Re: This is really getting frustrating to me

Hi Andilyn, I know I am a nervous wreck all the time too. Have you been feeling your baby move? I know for me over the last two weeks I have felt it daily and feel so much better now. But I am still constantly worried about going into labor early and all that. A stupid lady I work with started telling me and another girl about how she knew someone who at 8 months started to not feel the baby and went to the doc and it had passed away. Now come on, who tells that to a pregnant person. Dumb A$$. Anyways, I know the chances of that happening are so slim, but I am so nervous as it is.
Just wanted to tell you that my friend at work took paxil throughout her entire pregnancy and she had a healthy baby boy! He was a great baby too, no trouble at all, always happy and perfectly healthy.
At my last appt, I told my doc how nervous I am always and he told me that I have really been having a normal pregnancy and I should be happy and enjoy it. I know he's right. I have been trying.
Glad I am not the only nervous person.
Take care,

Old 03-20-2005, 05:07 AM   #6
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JenW67 HB User
Re: This is really getting frustrating to me

Hi Andilyn,

I have posted here before that I have beenon Celexa during my pregnancy. During the first three months, I tried to either go off it or keep the dosage rediculously low. At 4 months, I talked with my ob and my psychiatrist. I ended up doubling my dose. I did this because there is a lot of evidence that you can harm your baby by being depressed during pregnancy. I feel like this whole carryinga child thing can become a game of weighing risks and benefits. I chose that I needed to feel ok about me and my baby. At 24 weeks, I feel great mentally.

I hope this helps,

Old 03-20-2005, 06:53 AM   #7
Boo Boo
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Boo Boo HB User
Re: This is really getting frustrating to me

Hi Jen,

I can understand how you are feeling, this is my first pregnancy, I am nearly 21 weeks, l had abit of a worry as l had experienced a few brief spotting incidences going back in my first trimester.

I had very limited knowledge on my pregnancy. However, all is well. I do worry like you, l worry as l can not feel the baby move very much, l worry as l am sooo scared og giving birth, water breaking, not getting to the hospital on time, not drinking enough milk etc, etc. It is normal, and infact if a woman has never felt one of these things whilst being pregnant l would be surprised!!

Im sure all is going to be well, just take one step at a time and enjoy every moment you have, im happ that my time is flying bye!!

Take care

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