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sweetea13 05-13-2005 02:23 PM

Phenergan and Pregnancy?
Has anyone used phenergan while pregnant? My Dr prescribed it b/c i am so nauseated and vomiting. I am barely eating, maybe a few slices of bread and that is only b/c I know I have to eat for the baby. I am SO scared to take any type of meds at all. Has anyone used this and had a healthy pregnancy/baby? Please Help, I am so paranoid about taking meds, but not eating is not good for the baby either. Thank you!

aWorrier777 05-13-2005 03:21 PM

Re: Phenergan and Pregnancy?
Sometimes the benefits of taking a drug outweigh the risks. If you can't keep anything down, maybe this is one of those times. My doctor prescribed the same drug but I never took it. I looked it up on [url][/url] and saw that there were POSSIBLE side effects. My m/s, though bad, was not so bad that I couldn't eat at all. So, I chose not to take it. It sounds like yours is worse though so you and your doctor should weigh the risks. I also know this drug makes you extremely tired so you are not supposed to take it when you might drive or need to be alert. Hope this helps.

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