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Brooke85 07-02-2005 09:28 AM

The very first ultrasound
Hi, I am 7 1/2 weeks along and was just wondering what the doctor is able to find in the first ultrasound. I just started seeing the doctor and am waiting for my blood test results(to confirm the pregnancy even though I got 5 pos. urine tests 4 at home and 1 at planned parenthood) and I would like to get an ultrasound as soon as possible to see if eveything is ok. This is my first pregnancy and I know I shouldn't be putting stress on myslef and the baby but all these horrible thoughts about ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage are going through my mind and I know I won't feel completely sane until my first ultrasound so I was hoping that the doctor could tell me this soon with an ultrasound if I have a healthy pregnancy so far. I am scaring myself with the ectopic thing. So far I haven't had much preggo symptoms other than tons of sudden cravings! and I sleep a lot but I'm not extremely nauseous and not peeing anymore than usual so I don't know if this is normal. Anyway, I am blabbing on too much, I'm just pretty young and like to have all the advice I can, so thanks for any help!

LilLove 07-02-2005 09:49 AM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Im in the same boat as you are hun! So all the advice would help me also! Goodluck with everything! :wave:

tigger_girl76 07-02-2005 11:10 AM

Re: The very first ultrasound

More than likely you'll get your first ultrasound around week 12. Please don't stress yourself out too much. I know that's easier said than done when you're a first time mom but unless you're having symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy you don't have anything to worry about. It sound like you've already seen your doctor and things sound ok. When you get your blood results back ask your doctor about a scan..he may give you one before week 12 just to reassure you. In the meantime just try to relax and keep the scary thoughts out of your mind.

Nicole x

skeetersquirt 07-02-2005 11:48 AM

Re: The very first ultrasound
I am with you are well. I am only 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and I am having my first ultrasound at 7 weeks. I have not had any blood work yet, but DR took urine test and confirmed pregnancy. I will be going in to OBGYN on July 26th.

I hope all is well with you! I have not had any symptoms so far. I was concerned because of that as well!

It is hard to "be" pregnant when you don't "feel" pregnant.

LilLove 07-02-2005 12:54 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Yea im about 5weeks not for sure on this my first ultrasound is in 2weeks. Cant wait for that! I havent had my blood taken yet but I do have bloodwork that needs to be done. Well ladies Looks like theres three of us all due around the sametime:) Buddy system is always nice! Talk to you all soon and good luck!

Indianchick72 07-02-2005 02:32 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
I am almost 4 weeks pregnant and I have the same thoughts swarming around in my head. I have my first dr.'s appointment on July 18th. Not exactly sure what will happen at that appointment. This will be our first child.

I keep getting this dull pain in my right side, but I'm not bleeding or anything. I'm sure I'm just freaking myself out...right?

I have the breast tenderness, peeing more than usual, and I can feel slight cramping in my uterus area. And, everytime I eat anything I get slightly nauseous.

I hope I'm just scaring myself.


skeetersquirt 07-02-2005 02:43 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Don't freak yourself out...But I can't really talk because I am doing the SAME thing! I have had the dull ache on the right, then the left. The abdominal cramps and all. I actually took another pregnancy test two days know..just to make sure! :nono:

We are all in the same boat!

Indianchick72 07-02-2005 05:06 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
I went to the Barnes and Nobles and was looking at some of the books...and one of them mentioned something about the Round Ligament stretching and that can cause some pain. But I didn't see any mention to when in the pregnancy this would begin...

Anyone heard of this?

I think I'll feel better when I have my first ob appointment. Maybe my dr. can relieve some of my concerns.


LilLove 07-02-2005 05:11 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Hey ladies! Well since many of you havent been to your first doc app. and I have ill give you a little heads up!

He/she will do a pap smear and a urine test. He/she will answer any questions you have and also give you a bunch of things to read and start you on prenatal vitamins.

By the way! Im also expierencing the cramping and dull pains. That is perfectly normal. I almost went to the emergency room cause I was scarying myself so much. But the docter called and said everything is normal and not to worry! So everyone stay calm you all are doing fine:)

Welcome to the group Indianchick72 :wave:

Indianchick72 07-02-2005 07:32 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Thanks so much for the welcome LilLove... :)

I guess everyone has these thoughts and fears, esp. when it's the first pregnancy. Right?

I just can't wait for the first u/s. So I can see for myself that everything is o.k. thus far.

Forgive me now, but be fore-warned that I'll probably bombard this message board with a bunch of questions (probably stupid/naive 1st timers ones) for the next 8 months. :p

Rochelle :bouncing:

LilLove 07-02-2005 08:17 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
We can do it together hun! Its my first pregnancy to! Lol


Keep me updated on when you first go to your doc! And ill let you know when my u/s comes around and give you the heads up on what goes on!

Gayle0000 07-03-2005 05:20 AM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Hi Brooke. Like Nicole said, your first sonogram will probably happen around Week #12 or so. They may do one earlier if they have a reason to want to look sooner. It seems one of the more common reasons they'd do one earlier is to determine how far along you are, if you really don't know. I've heard of several people on this board who didn't get their first until the 20-Week it depends on how your doctor does things.

My first sonogram was in the 7th week (in the sonogram where the pregnancy actually showed up, anyway), and there really wasn't a lot to see. It was just a picture of a little round sac. When he did a super-duper zoom on the screen, you could see a beating heart. There's no shape of a baby, or anything that resembles a baby yet. If you had a sono this early, you'd get excited over the heartbeat. You still would not be able to hear a heartbeat until around week 12 or so.

I remember I was concerned about an ectopic was because the baby didn't show up on the first couple sono's & I was scared & hadn't educated myself yet, or was confident in my doctor's abilities...after all, I had just met my doc within the last week. My doctor said (even at 6 weeks), if I was having an ectopic pregnancy, I would be in pain/inflamed just when he touched my skin (uterus area)...but he was pushing & poking around like a normal doctor does & not concerned about that.

I didn't have any symptoms either other than sore boobs & I was tired (but I was still getting over a cold). I had recently lost weight (it was January & on my after-xmas diet). I think my m/s kicked in around Week 8, and then it got ugly. Hopefully you either won't have m/s, or it will be just mild. I didn't start peeing more until around Week 17 after the uterus starts battling the bladder for space.

You may want to review your insurance policy (or talk to them...I had to talk to mine because this part wasn't written in detail) about your coverage & how many sonograms are covered. I know a couple people who had to pay out-of pocket for extra sonos...and they are not cheap. I've got 2 sono's covered per pregnancy; however, I've had 5 sonos so far, and will be having a 6th before it's over because there has been medical reasons to have them. They sent me the first couple doctor bills by accident with sono's on them, and they were $650 each at my doc's clinic.

Hope that helps. Good luck!!!

Brooke85 07-04-2005 09:40 AM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Thanks for all the advice, that really helps me a lot. I guess I was just under the imporession that I [I]should[/I] be peeing a lot and if I'm not there might be something wrong. I know I'm not very far along but as I think it was Rochelle who said, "It's hard to be pregnant when you don't feel pregnant" I agree with that! Even though I got 5 positive urine tests I keep thinking, "what if I'm really not? what if it's a molar pregnancy? what if I'm just psyching myself out?" I guess I'm being silly, but all your advice helps! Thanks everyone!

BarbaraH 07-04-2005 03:48 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
Hi -

My 1st symptoms were up at night to pee and a heavy feeling in my low abdomen. Nothing more for weeks and weeks.

Worry is normal, but look around, an awful lot of us safely got here on the planet despite our mothers' worries! Take heart - the odds are with you!!!!

Blessings - Barbara

asako 07-04-2005 05:44 PM

Re: The very first ultrasound
i didn't feel pregnant until recently when i started feeling pregnant physically. I took 2 hpt's and both came out positive, a blood test at the dr's and still didn't believe it until pretty much now...i'm 19 weeks. don't worry...there are a lot of people who don't "feel"'s a strange feeling but you will feel pregnant aftera few months if morning sickness doesn't convince you! lol

you are lucky to have an u/s so early. i didn't get an u/s until i hit 15 weeks-but only because my blood work for the triple screen came back funky...i had another one at 18 weeks.

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