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C-Section, What should I expect?

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Old 07-05-2005, 02:14 PM   #1
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C-Section, What should I expect?

I am 29 weeks pregnant, and Going to have C section. I am concerned and don't know what to expect? How long does the surgery takes? how long do i stay in the hospital? how big is the cut? what do i do to prepare for that? does it hurt really bad?
Sorry about all these questions. I am just wondering if any of you have done this before so you can give me some heads up.
Thank you so much for your responds.

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Indianchick72 HB User
Re: C-Section, What should I expect?

I've never had a c-section, but I have scrubbed on a few and the only answers I can help you with is that the incision is no more than 8 inches long. Also, from initial incision to closing the incision site it takes maybe half an hour tops. But you will need to add some time for them to put the spinal/epidural in and recovery time afterwards.

I think at the hospital I worked at the mother stayed 3 days, but I'm sure the length of stay depends on the hospital.

I'm not sure what you're asking on the preparing for the c-section.

I hoped this helps a little bit.


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Valerie_s HB User
Re: C-Section, What should I expect?

I have had two and will also be having a section for this baby, it takes 30- 45 min if all goes well, it seems way faster than that too, your only in the hosppital for the most 4 days assuming there is no infection or anything like that and the recovery time they say is 6-8 weeks but it really depends on the individual I went back to work two weeks after my second section, light duty, dont panic it really is not that big of a deal, my incision scar is like 3 inches long now if that

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HopingChris HB User
Re: C-Section, What should I expect?

I am going in for my 4th c-section. The scar is not big at all. The baby is out within the 1st 15 minutes but the surgery & recovery for you last longer. To prepare for the c-section my only advice is shave before you go. The nurses can be a bit rough. I always spent 2 full days in the hospital & was discharged by the 3rd day around lunch (that's if all is well & you are having no problems). The only time my incision hurt was when I coughed & laughed very hard. Hold a pillow on your stomach, it does help. Also no one ever speaks of this but I am going to go ahead & warn you, the nurse comes in after your surgery when you are already in your room & has to press on your incision. It is painful but not if you breath deep & blow out. That helps so much. With my 1st c-section no one told me that was going to happen & when the nurse came in she didn't even wake me, she just started pressing. My 1st reaction was to smack her. I didn't mean to though it was just a reaction. Luckily I had better nurses with my next 2 & they told me how to breath deep then blow out slow. They come in & do this between 2 to 3 times. Hope this helps ya! I go in for mine in 3 weeks.

Good Luck!
Chris (35wks1day)

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Kaleb's Mom 04
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Kaleb's Mom 04 HB User
Re: C-Section, What should I expect?

Well I think the information will vary somewhat from Hospital to Hospital and Dr. to Dr. But this was my experience. Well my first was scheduled, so I knew when it was going to happen, which was nice. The night before I shaved down there, figured I would try and get it done prior to so the nurse wouldn't have much to do. So the morning of we had to be at the hospital like 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to when my surgery time was scheduled. We get there and are taken to one of the birthing rooms to wait, I had to put on a gown, they started an IV, she shaved me (which I was glad I had done most prior so she wasn't there long, I am very shy). Then we waited a while and watched tv. Then the nurse came back and catherized (sp?) me, which to me was the most uncomfortable and painful thing that I went thru. I believe at some point my temperture and blood pressure was taken also. Then we waited until it was time for me to go to the OR. At our Hospital the OR is right there at the birthing rooms, they use it for C sections only. So they had me walk down a short hall to the OR, I climbed on the table, and it was really really cold in the room. So the Anestesiologist came in and I had to sit on the table and lean over as far as I could and He said it would feel like a bee sting and it did, wasn't as bad as I thought, but I was so concentrating on trying not to shiver as it was so cold! (also the Anestesiologist came in the birthing room and spoke to me prior too). Then they laid me down pretty quickly cause the numbing is fast. They strapped my arms down, put blankets on me, set the sheets to block to view and the one where your belly sticks out then rubbed it with antiseptic. Then the surgical techs, nurse and anestesiologist is all getting stuff ready, then the Dr's came in and put there scrubs on, spoke to me some, but mostly spoke to each other. Then the surgery started and I don't think it was 5-10 mins or so before they pulled my son out. I was so glad to hear him cry cause I couldn't see him (make sure your hubby/so has a digital camera to take picks of baby getting cleaned and checked so you can see he baby sooner in case your Dr's don't hold the baby up for you to see, mine didn't. So I was so glad we had the camera for picks, then they had him cleaned up and wrapped they let my DH hold him and show him to me, and all this time the Dr.s are putting stuff back and closing you up. They take the baby to the nursery and my DH went with them as they finished with me. Then I was wheeled next door to recovery, I was the only one in there, and I thought that seem to take forever, I had to be able to wiggle my toes. They did let my family back to see me, which was nice to have someone to talk to while I waited. They had all seen my DS in the nursery and would tell me what they saw. Then when I could finally wiggle my toes (takes a long time, surgery seemed to fly by) they took me to my regular room where my DH and parents where waiting for me. You have to stay pretty flat for like 24 hrs, something to do with the spinal block, and causing headache or something. So you are only elevated slightly (which got on my nerves) And it takes forever for them to finally bring the baby to your room so you can finally hold the baby for the first time. I think my son was born at 10 to 8 and I didn't get to hold him until after noon. I was about to go stir crazy! Then they finally bring the baby in, someone had to hand him to me and stay the night to help me care for him while he was in the room cause I couldn't reach him in the cart since I was so reclined.

My incision was like 4 1/2 - 5 inches. I was on a morphine pump the first 24 hours (then that was taken out and I was given Tylenol/Ibprophin and percuset (sp) as I requested it) Honestly, I didn't think it hurt bad at all. Our Hospital has a pain scale that the would ask what your pain was at certain times. 0 was no pain and 10 was the worst pain you ever felt. I don't think I ever got higher than 2, and I said 2 once the rest of the time was 1 or 0. I was told the more you moved around the better for recovery, so once I could get up I did! I walked in my room, get up and sit in the chairs and stuff. It wasn't no way near as bad as I thought it would be. And the nurses commented that I was doing better than their vaginal birth moms. I had surgery on Wed and was released on Sat afternoon at lunch time. My staples were removed the Sat a.m.! I did fine, and felt good. Also what Hoping Chris says about pressing around/on incision happened to me too, but the nurse warned me, and I don't remember it being any more painful than sneezing or coughing, and the pillow over incision helps. You can also do that when standing and it will help.

Hope that answers your questions. If you have any others, just ask. I am going to have another scheduled C section with this baby too.
Kaleb 6/23/04 aftr TTC 4yrs
Miscarried 12/31/04 @ 6wk 5 days
It's a GIRL EDD Jan 12, 2006

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RebbieO HB User
Re: C-Section, What should I expect?

That was really useful and interesting to read, Kaleb's Mom. I was unsure exactly what to expect and like to be prepared, so I shall print that out and put it somewhere safe.

I have read some interesting stuff on a caesarean and vbac (vaginal birth after caesarean) which was also helpful.


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