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Boo Boo 07-06-2005 11:46 AM

Please help

Some of you may know that l am 36 weeks pregnant and over the weekend l was not too well. i WAS INFORMED THAT l had a pollup? hanging from my cervix, which was causing me to have these pinkish discharge and brown spotting and if not removed it may affectmy labour an dif removd could bring on early labour, hoever, l was in another town visitng my parents so l have waited for a second opinion. Well today after visiting the loo l wiped my self and to my horror l saw something fleshy, which look like a pea size kidney shape? I felt really sick, :( other then this, l have had no pains etc. So l spoke to my mum who who did not not want to see it! lol my sister did see and reckons that the pollup thing may have fallen out by it self as it was sensitive. Also the doctor did poke it about abit in my internal examination. However, l am visitng my midwife Thursday and have spoken to her she has told me not to worry as both l and the baby seem fine. She will have a look at it 2maro. Has anyone else experienced this? thankx in advanced also not had any discharge since! thanks in advance

im1here 07-07-2005 02:02 PM

Re: Please help
Polyps are pretty normal...but I don't think I've heard that they can fall off by themselves. The doctor usually goes in and cuts it off-there aren't any nerves in them so it doesn't hurt. They just recommend removing them from the cervix because they can be irritating and might trigger labor, which in your case is a little too early. Also as far as comlications...I think they might be afraid of effective affacement and dilation.

Im not sure how to explain the fleshy thing you saw when you wiped...MAYBE it WAS the polyp...or maybe some of the mucous plug? was it clearish-pinkish and jelly-like? I'm sure you'll be just have an appointment coming up soon, and your not having any other symptoms.


Add:Oops!! I just realized this was a post from yesterday....So, what happened? Is everything ok?

Boo Boo 07-08-2005 07:47 AM

Re: Please help
Thanks for your help, it was not the polyp! it was like a liver kind of thing no big then a medium sized pea in a kidney shape! (sorry for too much detail) midwife said it was not polyp, so l got reffered to my hospital where l waited for over 4 hrs to be seen. Anyway doctor did internal examination and confirmed that the polyp is still there but is not dangerous she said that they would not operate on it however, doctor would like to refer me to another dept! i hate internals and after them l do have some light pinkish discharge. Thanks, if you have any other info please let me know ill be in touch.

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