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My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

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Old 11-10-2005, 01:36 PM   #1
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My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

When I first joined this board I was impressed with the labor stories that other ladies posted. They made me feel more confident and helped prepare me for my labor. Even the horrible, painful sounding ones made me more aware of what might lay ahead. So here it is, my labor story to maybe help those other first timers with an idea of what to expect.

A little background - at 32 weeks sonogram Doctor informed us our son would more than likely be a “big” baby 8-9 lbs. And he was concerned that my pelvis wouldn’t be able to handle his size. I felt super strong about trying everything possible to deliver vaginally including induction which is what brought us to this day…

Sunday October 30th at 8:00 pm

My doctor had already planned our induction for Monday Oct 31st and wanted me go up to L&D the night before to check my cervix, which was still not fully effaced. After hooking me up with an IV, the baby monitoring belt around my belly, and checking all the vitals they put a small pill (about ¼ of an inch in diameter) in the vagina about 9 pm to help the cervix thin out so when we induced at 6 the next morning it would be ready. I then sent DH home and the nurse gave me two Ambien (sp?) to help me sleep because the medicine would start cramps/discomfort as the cervix thinned. I vaguely remember calling DH at home and leaving a message on the answering machine to remind him to bring a picture of my mother to the hospital the next day. (He saved the message and boy did I sound drugged up). About 2 am Monday morning they checked my cervix and inserted another small pill (sorry can’t remember the name) and I fell back asleep.

Monday October 31st 6:00 am

They checked my cervix and it was thinned out and I was dilated at 1.5 cm so they started the pitocin in my IV and within the hour I was having mild contractions – like menstrual cramps. Meanwhile DH came in and we sat there watching the contractions and baby’s heartbeat until they pain got to be pretty uncomfortable. We started using our relaxation and breathing techniques and after a while the nurse suggested a mild pain reliever (narcotic – can’t remember which one, I think it started with a D). I may have dozed off a bit until my doctor came in at 8:20, checked me and decided to break my water. Still feeling the effects of the pain reliever I didn’t really feel it break but oh boy was there a LOT of water. Very warm gushing feeling coming out, even the doctor said it was a lot of water. Contractions started coming much stronger shortly after and I received another dose of pain medicine thru the IV. I remember DH sitting next to me, holding my hand and we were just talking. The morning seemed to go by so quick – probably due to the pain medicine.

At 11:00 am I was dilated to 3 cm and I asked the nurse if we were far enough along for me to receive an epidural without stalling the labor. About fifteen minutes later the epidural was started and its insertion was quicker than I had thought it would be, I remember the initial sting of it going in but it soon faded. By 11:45 I was feeling no pain and sent DH out to get him some lunch and check on the pets at the house. Meanwhile the nurse came in and inserted a catheter because now with the epidural I could no longer get up to use the bathroom. Again a little pressure going in but with the epidural working it wasn’t uncomfortable. After that I felt tired and decided to rest telling the family that was in the room, sorry, I am going to sleep – they were welcome to stay but don’t be surprised if I don’t react to the conversation. HA!

At 2:00 pm I woke up with extremely painful contractions, some how the epidural wasn’t working and we were dilated to 5 cm. While the anesthesiologist tried to adjust the dose it still wasn’t effective. For about an hour I had monster contractions within a minute and a half of each other lasting a minute and DH and I used breathing techniques to help the pain. He would tell me when the contraction would start. I wanted complete silence from everybody in the room except DH while the contraction started and until it peaked. Meanwhile I would pick out a point on the ceiling focus in on it and do my breathing (puff puff blow – or also known as panting) until DH told me we had peaked and were on our way down. I would then switch to rhythmic slow breathing on the way down till the contraction ended. Although the contractions were lasting a minute with the breathing they went by pretty quick, they felt like only 20 to 30 seconds long. After about 30 minutes I finally broke down and cried, poor DH sitting next to me. I whispered to him that I didn’t want to say I couldn’t do this but I was feeling like I couldn’t. Within a couple of contractions I managed to pull myself back together and started breathing and relaxation techniques again. He later told me that he was so surprised that I didn’t scream, call him bad names, or make unachievable demands. He said the only thing I wanted was him holding my hand (both of his hands wrapped around my right hand) and the few noises I made were just grunts and groans. Finally the anesthesiologist (who by the way was super nice) finally got my pain back under control and I would only feel the pressure and mild discomfort, by 3:00 pm, which was like heaven compared to the pain I felt previously.

3:30 pm we were dilated to 8 cm – WOW I guess all that pain made it worth it, we were in the beginning of transition! My Doctor checked me with a contraction and said during peak I was at a 10, it shouldn’t be long now.

4:00 pm Baby’s heartbeat started to dip after contractions.

5:15 pm Still at 8 cm and with the heartbeat still dipping with contractions, my Doctor decided the best for the baby was a c-section. When he told us I couldn’t help but cry. We had labored for so long and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t deliver him vaginally. They began to prep me for surgery and I remember seeing DH all dressed up in his paper scrubs. They wheeled me into the OR and another anesthesiologist introduced himself explained the procedure would take about 50 minutes total and that I would still feel pressure but no pain. I remember hearing the doctor’s talking about all sorts of different things as they were working – what their kid’s dressed up as for Halloween, bike trails, and other stuff you might talk about at the office. About fifteen minutes into surgery I was feeling uncomfortable pressure and prodding as they were moving baby in place and opening my uterus. Finally at 5:50 pm I heard him cry, I remember looking over at DH to my left and we both just smiled and cried. Within a minute they stuck baby’s head over the sheet between my abdomen and head and all I saw was this little blonde/red hair and huge eyes staring down at me. They took him back over where I couldn’t see him, cleaned him up and gave him to DH telling us he was 9lb 8.3oz and 21” long. Meanwhile my motivation for putting up with the discomfort of the poking and prodding was gone, baby was out and I was inconsolable. Not even DH holding baby Darren next to my face could keep me from voicing my discomfort of the doctor’s removal of the placenta and massage of the uterus back into place. The anesthesiologist then gave me something that knocked me out for the remainder of the surgery and I woke up a couple of minutes before they rolled me into the recovery room about 6:30/7:00. DH was there – baby was in the nursery and I told him to go get something to eat, I was going to sleep some more.

About 8:00 They rolled me into the postpartum room where DH was waiting, he told me the doctor said if DS was 2 lbs smaller I would have shot him out on my own. The nurse gave me water and cranberry/apple juice which were the first fluids I had since Sunday afternoon, except for ice chips. Unfortunately I had a mild fever and until it went below 100.4, they couldn’t bring me the baby. I went ahead and slept thru the night getting about 8 hours of sleep and Tuesday morning I was able to see and hold my son for the first time and started our breastfeeding attempts. On Wednesday morning they removed the epidural and later the catheter – a little pulling but it wasn’t super uncomfortable. (Be prepared to pee alot - no more drip drip ) It was hard the first couple of days to move around – I used my arms to pull myself up in bed. When I did have to get up to use the bathroom I again had to use my arms and the nurse’s assistance to sit up to get out of bed to go. By Thursday I was doing better moving around in bed and getting up but still nowhere near 100%.

Thursday November 10, 2005

I have now been at home just under a week and although I still get a bit of stinging near the incision when my pain medicine wears down, I am feeling pretty good. The main reason for that is I have been forcing myself to sleep when he sleeps (luckily for me he is on a 4 hour feeding schedule already). I have been keeping a log of everything that baby Darren does in a spiral note book – when he eats, poops, pees, baths as well as my log – when I take my medicine, when I sleep, and my breast care – pumping and icing. My pregnancy turned me into a dingbat – saying the wrong thing, forgetting what I was talking about and so on… giving birth hasn’t fixed that yet so this note book is invaluable.

Well there it is. Hopefully it gives those insight on what you might expect with your delivery.


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friday13 HB User
Re: My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

Muffintop! I am having a planned section - can you tell me -- you stayed in the hospital from Monday - and left on Thursday?

You are up for no visitors staying in your home correct? I have inlaws and family all out of state that want that - and I have decided that they can come visit a couple days before and while I am in the hospital but when I come home its just going to be hubby, baby and me - is that selfish? (the family visitors) wouldn't be the helpful type but really annoying type... let me know... thanks!

and Congrats!! a baby BOY! I am having a GIRL!!

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Mommie-2-B HB User
Re: My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

Muffin, while the baby was in the nursery, did your family get to hold him? I want to be the the second one to hold my baby (next to my DH) and I know that my family will be pushing to hold him first. My doctor has assured me that my DH and I will have time with him first, but in your case you couldn't because of your fever. I'm so worried about that. I'm asking this because I'm having a planned c-section too.

I know what you mean about having the c-section after laboring for so long. I cried too when my doctor told me that it wasn't going to happen.

I am so excited for you, thank you so much for sharing your birth story with us.

Friday....I am EXACTLY like you! I do not want any family there. I want the three of us to bond!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one out there!!

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lex jude
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Re: My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

Oh congrats muffintop!!!! I look forward to seeing you on the baby board!

And don't feel bad you didn't have him had him nonetheless, and you went through a lot too! Be proud The doc made the best decision for him. *hugs*
He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.

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Thumbs up Re: My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

Oh dear, what a story! DB and I are expecting our first next week, a boy, Christian James R. I'm only dialted to 1 cm. and am going to be 39 weeks on Monday. Monday I go to the OB to see if I'm dialated further, and if not, I am to go up to the hospital Monday night to get meds to soften my cervix, and then my water is going to be broken Tuesday morning for sure either way. I'm fearful of having a c-section myself considering I have epilepsy and therefore am at very high risk for pre-eclampsia. Thanks for posting your story, I have a little better understanding of what to expect now.

Congrats and best wishes for you and new family!
~Amanda M.

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muffintop HB User
Re: My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

friday13 - I stayed from Sunday night to noon on Friday. I was lucky to have an understanding doctor. Baby Darren was circumsized Wed and wouldn't take the breast for nearly 8 hours, diagnosed with mild jaundice and I didn't get any sleep that night. Thursday my Doctor took one look at me and said he was going to keep me another day. The length of time depends upon the hospital and your insurance. Again I was lucky. As for the family- mine were welcome to visit when we got home during the day but they stayed in a local hotel at night. Put your foot down and be blunt - "I don't want to hurt your feelings but we feel it would be best for my recovery at home for you to make your sleeping arrangements at a local hotel - here is a list with numbers." Regardless if they are your family or DH's I would make him take the inititive to approach these family members with this news, you don't need the stress, you will be busy enough once you get home. It will get easier once you get a basic schedule going (about a week at home). And NO you are not selfish.

Mommie-2-B - My father and sister were able to hold him the same night I delivered. If your concerns are with bonding I suggest you don't stress over it. When they brought baby Darren to me for the first time the moment I spoke he turned his head and looked at me with wide eyed wonder. Your baby will recogize your voice and body sounds. Funny thing was shortly after he came in the room I had him laying across my chest and my tummy growled, he got the weirdest look on his face like - I recogize that sound

amandamcn - Rest assured everything will be fine, c section or not. Just so happens I also have epilepsy - peitie mal seizures since my birth. As long as your doctor is aware of them I am sure he/she is keeping a close eye on you.

Happy Babies!

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Re: My labor/birth story – Planned induction, 11 hours labor, turned C-Section

Thanks Muffintop! I will take your advice! And I am not worried about bonding with the baby right away... I know we will have plenty of time and I also know that babes always love mom's arms! hee hee! I was just nervous about having family (the kind that aren't that helpful or loving) in my home when I am in pain and with the new baby... it would be a bit of a struggle for me to "hold back" how I feel about a lot of things they do and say while in pain and tired! LOL! the strength wouldn't be there!!

There is a time and a place for everything and they just shouldn't be staying in our home once we get there! hee hee! just till I recover. And then I can handle them on top of the baby! hee hee...

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