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Border3899 01-02-2006 12:34 PM

Taylor Steven has arrived
Taylor is now sleeping so hopefully i can post his story before he wakes back up.

He had a rather chatotic arrival into this world...

December 14th i was 37 weeks along and had to go in to see a Perinatologist for a level 2 ultrasound because they wanted to see why he has essentially stopped growing. The Perinatologist doing the ultrasound predicted his weight to be anywhere between 4 and 5 pounds. They sent me right away for a non stress test to make sure that he was still very active and healthy....which he was. They then checked my cervix and discovered i was dialated to a 1. He said that i could go home and pack my bag and get my husband but had to be back to the hospital ASAP so they could induce labor. He said they wanted to induce labor right away because they knew he was still very active and strong......the way he put it was that there was a problem with my placenta and they didnt want to risk me carrying to term with his small size because then they run the risk of him coming under stress and being a still born, and they didnt want that to happen because then they would have been kicking themselves saying we should have taken him when we knew he was strong.

So at 6 p.m. i got back to the hospital and they checked me and i was already dialated to a 7 p.m. the Perinatologist came into break my water and i was dialated to a 3 (this is with no medication) and was at a +2 station. They broke my water and at about midnight I was ready for the epidural so i told the nurse, she came in checked me again and i was at a 5, she then came back an hour lator and said it would be awhile on the epidural as the anestitist was busy doing a C-Section, so she gave me some wonderful pain medication to get me by. At 2 a.m. they came for the epidural and i was dialated to a 7. The nurse came back to check me at 4 a.m. and i was at a 9. At 5 a.m. i was dialated to a 10 so we did 2 practice pushes, then she called the Perinatologist, when he got in the room at 5:30, i pushed twice and out came Taylor.

His stats are below and he is a very healthy and strong little boy. Growing like a weed and the doctors are very impressed. We were origionally told we could expect him to be in the hospital until his due date of January 6th but he was so strong and healthy he was able to come home from the hospital with us.

Taylor Steven
December 15th at 5:43 a.m.
5 pounds
18 inches long

weepyone 01-02-2006 03:17 PM

Re: Taylor Steven has arrived
congratulations on the safe arrival of your little man, it seems you had a good doc i hope mine is that good too. now taylor is home you can all start the new year together congratulations and best wishes for a happy future.

friday13 01-02-2006 03:32 PM

Re: Taylor Steven has arrived
Wow what a birth story! Congrats! So happy for you !!!


debating 01-02-2006 04:32 PM

Re: Taylor Steven has arrived
Congrats on the new arrival!!

Border3899 01-03-2006 12:22 PM

Re: Taylor Steven has arrived
Thanks so much everyone!! He is doing well, although we just got a call from his doctor seems the hospital did his PKU newborn screen before he was 24 hours old so they cant process the results. I need to bring him in this week to have that redone and it's going to kill me to see my little man in pain like i was thinking i wouldnt have to see that until his shots at 2 months. I'm going to be in agony watching him screem when they do this test. Wish him and mom luck!! :)

sweetea13 01-05-2006 10:26 PM

Re: Taylor Steven has arrived
Congrats! So glad your little man was able to come home with you guys. Good luck! ! :)

Valerie_s 01-06-2006 06:29 AM

Re: Taylor Steven has arrived
Congrats on the little fighter!

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