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Jmommy2be61806 01-11-2006 04:46 PM

in need of some reassurance..:(
hi girls, most of you know my issues that have been going on the last week and a half or so. Im just so uncontrollably nervous, ALL the time. I mean, I am 17 weeks pregnant, I have had cramps and a lower back ache for a straight week scares me to death. And now, I have like a cramping and pressure when I bend down, or try to get up from sitting or laying, when i lift up my legs, or even when i press on my lower belly. I dont know what else to do, ive seen my dr. 3 TIMES in the past week, I went on medication for a small infection around my uterus, and that should be cleared up by now since im done with the antibiotic. I just dont know why im cramping, my doctor says it may be my pelvic kidney, or it could be ligaments, but I just dont understand how something can hurt so bad for so long and there NOT be anything wrong??? I break down like at least once a day even though i've seen the baby on u/s i just feel like this pain isn't normal especially since its not going doctor is honestly TIRED or hearing from me, he told me its just something ive got to deal i walk out of there crying cause i feel like he doesn't give a ****...hes just not very convincing. Has anyone been through this before? any advice? I just want to know if im normal or not, its bothering me so much. Thanks in advance for any responses.

walnutsmom 01-11-2006 05:17 PM

Re: in need of some reassurance..:(
I don't know what to tell you other than--doctors are paranoid these days and if he really thought there was something seriously wrong with the pregnancy he would rush to give you an answer. Having been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome right before I got pregnant I can tell you that abdominal pain is among the worst pain you can feel. There are so many different things it could be and although it won't take your pain away I think you should rest assured that the root of the pain is something other than your uterus or your baby.

My IBS cramps feel soooo much like menstrual cramps that I have no idea how I'll be able to tell the difference between the IBS and eventual early labor.

Hang in there. And if your doctor is being an a**, then switch. It is very important for you to feel 100% confident in your doctor.

PS-- antibiotics are not a cure all. So likely your pain is from something other than that infection.

I know it's hard but try not to be so nervous. I feel very certain that your baby and your pregnancy is okay!!

rounsy222 01-11-2006 06:27 PM

Re: in need of some reassurance..:(
Well if the cramping and back ache is anything like mine there is probably nothing wrong with you other than your pregnancy. I have had the worst backache for about 2 months(im 26weeks) and with no signs of letting up. And the cramping scared me to, mine also had bouts of ligament pain with it. I would just chalk it up to you are going to be having a growing spurt soon, or you are going through one. I have my back pain probably because of how the baby is laying and how I stand now to support my new belly. Ironically it started just about the time I started showing so I was growing and adjusting my body and didnt even realize it. But I would go for a second opinion if it makes you feel more comfortable. My doctor is pretty much like yours, sometimes they need to realize that they see this everyday but we are going through it for the first, or second time. They can be pretty "oh no big deal". Just because you start out with a doctor doesnt mean you have to stay with him. If you dont feel comfortable with him switch. Just think of how you will feel with him during labor if you are going to trust him or not.
Good luck

Jmommy2be61806 01-11-2006 06:56 PM

Re: in need of some reassurance..:(
thanks, you both brought up good in a nutshell this cramping and stuff is generally normal..and there isn't much light at the end of the tunnel before JUNE lol..:) im hoping its a growth spurt actually, i am 17 weeks and i look like a just ate thanksgiving dinner 3 times..i dont have much of a "baby" belly, so maybe thats it. Thank you both!

**Peaches** 01-12-2006 09:30 AM

Re: in need of some reassurance..:(
I'm 17 weeks and am going through the same cramping and aches that you are. Especially right after I urinate - when I stand up to pull my pants back up it feels really tight right above my pubic bone. I saw my Dr. for my monthly check-up on Monday and she says everything is just fine. Plus if I plop myself down on my office chair too hard I notice everything tightens up. And it hurts just to press on my tummy - again, Dr. said everything is okay. On top of it all I've been bleeding the whole way through and only have a 'maybe it's because of this...' explanation for it! So, yeah, I totally empathize with you!! My mind can just go off like you would not believe (well, I guess you would believe). I think I am starting to feel baby now, and can't wait until I know for sure that's what I'm feeling. Hopefully it will provide some reassurance. Or maybe just give me a whole new thing to stress and worry about!! LOL Good luck - you are not alone (or crazy)!!

Jmommy2be61806 01-12-2006 07:48 PM

Re: in need of some reassurance..:(
thanks, what you described is exactly what im feeling. they put me into physical therapy for my back 3 days a week in the pool, so i hope that helps my back a little. i *think* ive felt a few flutters here and there too, just waiting for the kicks to get stronger now, hopefully soon. thanks for your response!

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