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NAVY323 01-19-2006 05:41 PM

I'm having twins...i just got back from the doctors and they did my ultrasound i'm so nervous and excited i mean i'm nervous just for the fact that i'm pregnant and this is my first time and now...twins!!! i still haven't digested all of this i have to keep looking at the ultrasound to believe it.......

Valerie_s 01-19-2006 08:25 PM

Re: twins!!!

girl75 01-20-2006 08:50 AM

Re: twins!!!
that is so awesome, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laydielov22 01-21-2006 04:38 PM

Re: twins!!!
:wave: congrats!

Noel's girl 01-22-2006 12:27 AM

Re: twins!!!
Congradualtions to you! I am currently 34 weeks pg with twin girls right now, they are also my first. Keep me updated how your pregnancy is going. :bouncing: :bouncing:

sevans929 01-22-2006 02:51 AM

Re: twins!!!
Congratulations. It's crazy, isn't it? I'm 31 weeks preg. w/ ID twin girls, too. Believe me, it will take a while for the shock to wear off, but it's a really great feeling to know that your carrying 2 little angels. Best of luck with your pregnancy.

pgta5 01-26-2006 04:01 PM

Re: twins!!!
I am 26 weeks with Boy/Girl twins! It's an adventure! Amazing when you start to feel 2 move! Hope you are feeling well! Take care.

sevans929 01-26-2006 11:45 PM

Re: twins!!!
Wow, I didn't realize how many twin mommies were on this board. I don't feel so alone now... lol.

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