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C Section

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Old 04-10-2006, 10:00 PM   #1
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Ridgemont HB User
C Section

hi, i am a bit embarrassed in posting this question, but what exactly does a c section birth involve? i take it the woman giving birth doesnt push? And does it hurt more than a vaginal birth? I mean, i know what a c section is, but not what is entails.

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Old 04-11-2006, 06:11 AM   #2
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Micheybell HB User
Re: C Section

I'll tell you alittle of my experience. I gave birth to my daughter in Jan. of 05. I was induced b/c of high blood pressure 10 days before my due date. I labored and pushed for hours. However, the baby was not able to fit. I was then sent in for a c-section.

I got to experience labor and a c-section. The labor I must say was painful. I did not get an epidural, just a few shots of stadol to help me relax. It didn't help at all w/ the pain. The c-section was a godsent at that point b/c I just wanted the labor pains to stop.

I was sent to the OR and placed on the operating table. I had a spinal administered. I don't recall feeling a thing. Before I knew it, the baby was out. I recall having the "shakes" while the c-section was taking place. This is due to the anestesia as I was told. The operation was a bit scary but as soon as the baby was taken out the anestesiologist gave me something to relax. Next thing I knew I woke up in recovery. Everything below my chest was completely numb still. It felt so funny b/c I couldn't feel a thing. It was a little scary for me, not being able to feel my legs or feet. But I had nothing on my mind besides for my baby.

Now I'm pg. again and I'm going right in for a c-section. This experience, I think, will be alittle different b/c I won't be in any pain.

Oh and the recovery is not too bad. That day after the surgery, I was so drugged up I don't recall much. They give you pain meds that you can administer yourself. They get you out of bed the next day. You'll have a catheter in your bladder so you won't have to worry about urinating. The next step was to make sure you're insides were working well. They don't let you leave the hospital until you're able to have a bowel movement. This is to ensure all is working properly inside.

Either way you deliver, it's a true gift and an amazing experience. You'll see for yourself.

Good luck.

Old 04-11-2006, 08:58 AM   #3
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alia1074 HB User
Re: C Section

I had a c-section because my daughter was breech. So I never went thru labor and don't know what it feels like. The day of the section, you are not allowed to eat and must be on an empty stomach. It was not easy but I was so nervous, I couldn't eat anyway. I was given a combo spinal epidural. It hurt a little but it was only for a minute or two. Then I was prepped and wheeld into the operating room. They put up a sheet which acts like a curtain from your waist down. You can see what's going on from the mirrors above. My husband was at my side. I did not feel a thing from my waist down to my toes. All I remember is being really cold. But they took care of that right away by putting warm blankets on me. The only downside to having a section is that you are not able to hold your baby right away. Basically, they just brought her over to my side, I touched her cheeks and then she was taken to get cleaned up. I got stitched up and was moved to a recovery room for a few hours. The baby is there with you. They hook you up to a catheter since you can't get up and walk around. The catheter is removed the next morning (the nurse also came in for my bath) which was a little embarrassing. Oh well. You can adjust your pain meds according to how you feel. I never took one because I was not in much pain at all. I was able to walk the next day. Oh breastfeeding was a challenge because I couldn't find a comfortable position. Other than that, it's pretty simple. I think I want to go right in for a section with this baby.

Old 04-11-2006, 05:30 PM   #4
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barton93 HB User
Re: C Section

I have experienced both vaginal and c-section delivery.........and let me tell you......a vaginal delivery is a walk in the park compared to a section! At least for me it was. I didn't have the greatest experience with my section. My epidural wore off during the surgery, so I was put to sleep. I wasn't awake for my daughters birth. My recovery was awful. I later found out that my daughter was in an awkward position and due to that my incision needed to be widened (my scar is literally from hip to hip).

My vaginal delivery however...........beautiful. Even though I had a 26 hour labor, with no drugs (because again, my epi didn't work) was a breeze. My pain ended as soon as my son was born. I had minimal discomfort after and that is it. If I had the choice, I would never opt for a c-section. I have experienced both, and I know for me what the better choice is, and a section is not it.

Old 04-12-2006, 01:46 AM   #5
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Valo99 HB User
Re: C Section

Your epidural wore of twice????

Old 04-12-2006, 03:19 PM   #6
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barton93 HB User
Re: C Section

Originally Posted by Valo99
Your epidural wore of twice????
Yeah, it did. The first worked for the entire 13 hours I was in labor before they took her by c-section. It wasn't until the surgery began that it wore off. But when I had my 2nd....I was determined to try that epi again because I was on pitocin and wanted some relief. When they administered the epi, I had relief for 15 minutes before it stopped working. I didn't get it until I was in labor for 18 hours. They did say that some people are just immune to the effects of pain meds.......and I have always had problems with pain meds controlling my pain. Even after my section..........the morphine that I was on was doing nothing whatsoever for me. Even when I have dental work (totally off the subject, but just an indication of how well pain meds and me work together).......when they inject the novacaine into my's a good hour and 7 or 8 shots later before my gums are numb enough for them to work on my teeth....and they need to work quick because it doesn't last long. It's really weird.

Old 04-13-2006, 01:07 AM   #7
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weepyone HB User
Re: C Section

i has a c section in march and it was fine i got the spinal block because sam had to be delivered so urgently, i have had no problems from this at all. i was back on my feet really quick from the section it was because i was ill with other things that made me feel crap. the operation was over really quickly and ds was here i had no labour pains stitches or anything else like this but i needed the op to make sure ds and i got better. my biggest fear in the op was if ds was born ok. the staff in theatre were really great to me especially because dh was stuck in traffic trying to get to me so i went through the op alone.

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