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Micah Garbiel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006

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Old 07-02-2006, 01:52 PM   #1
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Infinitum HB User
Micah Gabriel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006

My bouncing baby boy has finally made it!!

I was due June 25th, but he managed to go overdue by a couple of days. I went to the doctor June 27th for a check up to see if there was any progress and yes---she said I was 1 cm dilated---woohooo!! After she checked me---she told me to go to the hospital between 9 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. for an induction as she didn't want me to go overdue more than a couple of days. Needless to say---I freaked out and started crying---first child here!

I made it to the hospital at 10 p.m. as directed, went straight to my labor and delivery room, filled out paper work blahhh blahhh. At 11 or so they started an IV with fluids, drew blood and gave me Cytotec (pill) to jump start labor slowly. All things were moving smoothly and around 1 a.m. they gave me Nubain via IV (to relax me and for discomfort) and Ambien to sleep---which were both great!!! I didn't have any pain from the Cytotec, but very slight discomfort. I slept like a champ. I was skeptical about receiving the Nubain so early, but the doctor told me that the more relaxed I was, the more effective the Cytotec would work with my body in helping me efface, dilate and ripen etc.... I slept well over night and was given another dose of Nubain and Cytotec around 6 a.m. Then around 8 a.m. my doctor started Pitocin----and OH MAN!!! At first, the pitocin was OK because they were administering a low dose, but as time progressed, so did the doses of pitocin. Eeeeeeeeek!!!! The breathing techniques worked in the beginning, but quickly went out the window by 10 a.m. as I was 2 cm almost 3 dilated. My doctor offered an epidural at this time which I and she knew I wanted all along. I didn't have to wait long for it---about 30 minutes. The doctor who administered it was great----very quick and efficient as he knew that I was whaling in pain!! What a wimp huh? LOL Within 10-15 minutes the epidural started working like a charm!! I was terrified of the needle and all needles for that matter---but I didn't feel an ounce of pain from the needle going in. The needle for the numbing part was so small and fine that it was the least of my worries. After the spinal area was numbed, he put the bigger needle in to run the catheter---which I felt nothing---just pressure---if that! The contractions were so painful that the epidural was a piece of cake!! I was in labor for a long time---pretty much all day Wednesday---but it wasn't bad after I received the epidural. As the nurses increased the dose of pitocin, the epidural didn't seem to work at times and I did have to call for the anesthesiologist to up the dose a several times---but that's considered normal. Other than that, the only thing that killed me was waiting for the extra dose to be approved by the doctors and then waiting for the anesthesiologist to come back to my room and administer it. I think the longest I had to wait was about 15 minutes and I called for the extra dose 3 times during the whole labor. Nothing exciting to report during the laboring process---slept, played scrabble, watched So finally, 9 p.m. rolls around and my doctor notices that I'm fully dilated and ready to roll! My room all of the sudden fills up with my doctor and 2 young female residents doctors and one nurse---PARTY TIME! They prep me, the bed, and other the baby bed etc.... within minutes I start pushing-----OMG I thought my eyes were going to bust out of my head from all the strain! The epidural worked like a charm---I felt no pain, but just pressure.... and the pressure was completely bearable!! My doctor did however at one point let up on my epidural a little bit and I did feel very mild contractions---that way I knew when to push---they felt just like menstrural cramps and were bearable. But as for the baby coming down the canal, crowning and coming out of my body---I felt nothing!!! All in all, I pushed for 1 hour and 5 minutes with no issues. I had a one degree tear that required barely 2 very small stitches----and itís pretty much healed up and Iím up and walking around just fine. My doctor was so great---she was confident, honest, up beat, fun, and great at what she does. Not only was she able to focus on me, my needs and the baby---but she was able to juggle 2 other deliveries that were pending at my hospital and 1 more at another thatís 5 minutes away while training the 2 resident doctors. All I can say is I went into giving childbirth feeling negative about the possible pain etcÖ. but after it was all said and done, I was very happy yet relieved. I will definitely go through this process again if given the chance. At 10:05 my son was born a whopping 8 pounds---heís super long and skinny---with tennis player arms and legs. hehe

What a miracle!

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Laetitia HB User
Re: Micah Garbiel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006

Congratulations! I'm glad your labor and delivery went smoothly and that you have a healthy baby.

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mandimorris HB User
Re: Micah Garbiel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006

I hope my labor and delivery is exactrly like yours it sounded almost perfect

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manchak99 HB User
Re: Micah Garbiel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006




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AGemini HB User
Re: Micah Garbiel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006


Old 07-04-2006, 06:11 PM   #6
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Infinitum HB User
Re: Micah Gabriel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006

Thank you everyone for your congratulations and well wishes! )

Things are going well----just adjusting to my new life with my little bean

Can't wait to hear everyone's stories!

In response to Manchak99

I felt no pain when the epidural was loaded up correctly with pain medication. However, the epidural will wear off or lose it's strength when they up the pitocin and you have to ask for the epidural to be adjusted accordingly. Don't be afraid to ask!! When it's finally adjusted properly, it was back to pure bliss. As for the actual pushing part, I felt NO pain---just pressure when the baby was coming down and when he crowned etc.... and also when the rest of his body finally came out. Believe it or not, the one pain that I HATED was when they were massaging my belly/uterus after the baby was born to get the afterbirth out. That hurt but only for a few seconds!! I think just because my whole stomach/stomach muscles were sore from giving birth. Back to the epidural, the doctor did let up on the epidural when it came time to push---which allowed me to feel VERY slight contractions that way I knew when to push. The contractions felt like menstural cramps and were completely bearable---don't get me wrong---they were uncomfortable, but overall not bad. As a first time mom I was able to push out my little bean in 1 hour and 5 minutes---not bad at all---the time flew by extremely FAST! It didn't seem like that long.

As for contraction pains before I got the epidural, I felt them all over. I felt them for a while in my lower belly from one side to the other and I felt them in my back---like back labor pains----they were like really bad lower back aches or how it feels when you're dehydrated and when your kidneys start to hurt. Those hurt like heck!!!! I'd much rather have front uterus belly contractions than back labor pain anyday!!!! Like I said again, the epidural worked like a charm for all these pains and beyond!

Everyone is different. Some people can handle it like a champ and others can't. You only know what you can handle and will find out quickly what your body can handle---emotionally, mentally and physically. I was crouched over in the bed clinching the bed rails, chewing the bed sheets, crying my brains out---to each their own.

In anycase, good luck!

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manchak99 HB User
Re: Micah Garbiel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006

thanks...the honesty in this was very helpful...sounds like something i can deal with for the most part. looking forward to that epi!


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qt314 HB User
Re: Micah Garbiel is FINALLY here!! :) June 28th, 2006

wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!! It felt like a long time coming didn't it!? I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!! Enjoy each moment with Micah. The time is soo precious. I'll see you on the Infant boards soon!



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