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here4support 07-17-2006 08:12 AM

Swelling Ankles Week 32, is bruising normal?
:wave: Hi everyone....

I have a situation and I'm a little unsure if it is normal. I've been having swollen ankles for about 2 months now, but the past month has been bad. My left ankle tends to swell more then my right one. I know swelling and water retention is normal when prego......

On Saturday my father came over and cut a couple big trees down in our front yard. He had to leave and wasn't able to help my husband bundle the logs/branches up. It was EXTREMELY HOT (in the 90's) and I was outside from before 8am till 3pm in the afternoon. When my dad left, my husband and I were bundling up the branches and lugging them to the back yard until we can get rid of them on trash day. My husband kept telling me to stop hauling stuff and lifting and to just sit, but I felt guilty to watch him do all the hard work in that horrible heat, and there was so much, he would have been there ALL NIGHT gathering the scraps from the front yard.

My ankle started bruising and I'm just wondering, is that normal? I know it probably was provoked by the labor I was doing...but I did ice it when I went inside and I got the bruising to go away pretty quick, but the swelling stayed, and is still here today. (Not abnormal for me....)

Does anyone have any opions on this? I go to my dr. on Wed. morning and I'm planning on telling him but some of my friends are telling me I should have called him when I saw the bruising. Now I'm worried. :confused:

here4support 07-17-2006 01:42 PM

Re: Swelling Ankles Week 32, is bruising normal?
*bump*, anyone ???

alleycat2 07-17-2006 02:54 PM

Re: Swelling Ankles Week 32, is bruising normal?
Your husband sounds like a good guy! He was right to tell you not to lug stuff around and the heat didn't help. It probably added to the swelling. Don't feel bad about taking it easy. Not only do you have to carry the extra weight, but you have a little person inside of you to look after and it's not forever that you will carry this baby! So what is the big deal about letting yourself rest. You will have plenty to do when that baby comes! So take a load off! Your husband could have stoppe working any time he wanted to too. It's not like the garbage guy only comes once a year. I would check with your Doctor but I say the combination of the pregnancy and the heat added to your sweeling. You may have felt fine otherwise but it's the baby who is overheating. I had some brusing during my pregnancy on my legs and arms and I guess it's just becuase I am sensative plus to be honest, I haven't kept up with my vitamins like I should (they make me sick).

sousou 07-17-2006 03:01 PM

Re: Swelling Ankles Week 32, is bruising normal?
hi here4support

my feet are very swollen too since month 7 , now I am almost 38 weeks and they still...but I did mention it to my doctor and she said it is normal..I was suspecting my weight because I am overweight ( before pregnancy )
for the bruizes, yes I do get small ones( size of a penny ) on my ankles specially when I bend down a lot ( for example to get stuff for the lower part of the fridge ) I feel even that my skin is going to crack
I have also one foot that get more swollen than the other but I think for me it is because I twisted it big time in the beg of the preg....It will be a good idea to call your doctor and helps a lot to put my feet in cold water, sometimes when I am watching tv I put them in a bucket of cold feels great !!!
do not worry we are almost there!!!
tons of good stuff!!!

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