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alleycat2 07-26-2006 01:33 PM

Bradley Method
I asked before about lamaze class and if I should go or not. I checked out the classes in my local area even though I knew my schedule was too hectic for me to attend and they are way too exspensive! I decided to look into maybe a video tape or a crash course from my OB Doctor's nurse. Anyway, I was in the book store the other day and this book caught my eye. When I read some of it it looked pretty interesting and made quite a bit of sense to me. I ended up getting it and it explains the difference between their method (Bradley) and lamaze. I tried some of the excersises and technics in the book and I think it might help. Of course you never know if it works until the real thing happens. Anyway I got people telling me lamaze didn't work for them but go anyway. I got people who tell me they never went to lamaze and I won't need too. There are also people who say that sounds interesting tell me more or that's a load of you know what! Anyway my question is this.. has anyone else tried the Bradley Method and what do you think of it? Has anyone tried both the Bradley method and lamaze, if so how did they compare? Am I crazy to even try this?

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