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mum2three 08-01-2006 12:02 PM

Sousou, Yellowrose how are you two?
I was wondering how you two are progressing? I know I shouldn't try and compare myself to anyones labor, but you both are close to my ae, ans Souou has a very simular situation. So I am anxious to see how things go for you two. Hoping it won't be much longer for you. Good Luck.....

yellowrose5006 08-01-2006 12:09 PM

Re: Sousou, Yellowrose how are you two?
I'm hangin' in there. The heat is supposed to be awful tomorrow and I'm thinking of calling in sick. I started contracting on Friday, but they are just little and pretty far apart. Won't see doc until thursday. Lack of sleep, heartburn, pelvis pain and headaches are starting to take their toll, I went home from work last night and just cryed for an hour. (having a contraction even as we speak). I just keep reminding myself it is almost over, sorta.
Thanks for asking!

sousou 08-01-2006 12:43 PM

Re: Sousou, Yellowrose how are you two?
Hi mum2three,

I am doing great except for my big tummy that is making my feet so big ( all swollen) some heart burn ...but the good news is that the temp are down ( thank God!!) I feel like I will go over my due date ( just like with prev pregn ) it looks like yellowrose is going to go first...don't cry yellowrose..each time I get depressed I think about the people that are in war in the m e , imagine the preg ladies fleeing their houses and no place to give birth,...
I am starting to do big cleaning of the house and freezing some meals..husband got car seat ( finally !!!) but no crib yet, he is saying that he can get it when I am in the hospital.....
I am starting to heve some nightmares about the size of my baby, all this bcz I did not get an u s since I guess 20 or 22 weeks , sometimes I dream that my baby is going to be so big that it will get stuck inside of me.. lol and sometimes that that too small like a little bird....
I keep asking my doctor for an u s but she keep saying that it is not necessary in my case...I 'll see her on thursday
mum2three the good part for you is when you will be having your baby you do not have to suffer with the heat ( good for you !)
wish you the best !!

mum2three 08-01-2006 02:35 PM

Re: Sousou, Yellowrose how are you two?
Yellowrose, I am surprised you are still working!!! The heat has been bad here too. But I am not as far as you two so I won't complain-much... You may go to the doc on Thursday and all these little contractions are progressing you :) You are so right, so close, not much longer till your bundle is here.
It sounds like you are "nesting", and the carseat is great.LOL The crib isn't that big of deal (to me), as I am hoping for that homemade cradle. I am worried(even at 23 weeks) about the babys size. My first 2 were just right 6 1/2 and 7 lbs. I guess my fears that each child is bigger, and the number of years inbetween births. But I am having the same fear over size. Why won't your OB just do a u/s.Mine has been good about doing whatever to ease my fears. I am glad I won't be delivering in the heat this time.Both my previous were Aug, and Sep.
Good luck you two and keep me posted.

yellowrose5006 08-02-2006 07:45 AM

Re: Sousou, Yellowrose how are you two?
Yeah, I work alot closer to the hospital than I live and I figure if I'm home all I'll do is fret. At least here I have some sort of distraction (and a/c)!

I can't even imagine trying to clean the house and cook right now. I have no energy at all. And I keep trying to remind myself that I shouldn't complain, most of this pregnancy has been easy and this stage won't last long.

I'll let you know Friday what doc says.

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