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tglenn 08-15-2006 06:43 PM

To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
I went to my doctors appt. yesterday and I am currently 39 weeks, dialated to 2cm and my cervix is soft. My due date is 8/24 but doctor said we can elect to do an induction this weekednd, if we don't deliver naturally by then. Any input/advice would be appreciated and taken into our decision making process. TIA!:)

beabonnet 08-15-2006 06:56 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
Personally I wouldn't recommend anyone get an induction unless there is a medical reason to do it. There are risks that come with doing an induction. Read up on pitocin and you'll see what some of the risks are. An induction, INHO , should be carefully weighed considering the benefits vs. the risks. One of the risks is a postpartum hemorrhage, when the uterus gets tired out from all the pitocin and chooses not to contract down like it's supposed to after delivery. Another is the risk of fetal distress. Lots of women go through induction safely, but the risks are there. I myself had a postpartum hemorrhage afterwards. I'm very nervous regarding whether they'll want to induce me again.

lovemybabyboys 08-15-2006 07:36 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
i was induced with my both of my children, and had wonderful experiences. it makes a difference weather or not you are favoriable. and since you are already 2 cm., if you are induced, then you will probably go pretty fast. i think that most problems occur when they try to induce someone who is completely closed and not soft. so if your dr. is comfortable with it, and you feel ok. then go for it.
i was ready to get that baby out. :) with my first, from the time they started pitocen to birth was 7 hours and with my second it was 3 hours. and i was thin and 1 and 2 cm. dialiated. and like i said, i had great experiences.
the previous poster said something about pitocen not letting the uterus contract. i'm not sure about that, because i have seen where they give it to women (even if they haven't been induced) to get their uterus to contract, for example after a c-section. but i may be wrong.
good luck and go with what you feel is right. not what other people think.
if you are against it, then you could try being active, walking, sex, etc.
i think sex is what got things going with number 2.
good luck and take care.

soon2bmommy 08-15-2006 07:44 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
I personally wouldn't unless you had a medical reason. You haven't even hit 40 weeks yet. If you are dialating on your own, I'd give it till 41 weeks (unless you do have health issues) and then talk about an induction... I know, you probably just want to get it over with though huh! :)

tglenn 08-15-2006 07:52 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
I appreciate your views thus far. I guess I should have added that they wouldn't begin with pitocin right away, the doctor said they would use a suppository to begin with (I don't remember what the name of it is though, sorry). However, I too had the understanding that pitocin is a form of oxytocin which is what makes your uterus contract. Maybe I am misunderstanding the first post?!?

mum2three 08-15-2006 08:05 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
With my second delivery, I waited to go to hospital for a while. When I got there I was at 5cm and progressing well. The doc was busy (playing golf) and had the nurses offer pitocin. I really didn;t know any better, and went ahead with it. My labor was hard and horrible. The doc didn't make it to delivery, and there was problems delivering the placenta. The doc ripped some out, and 2 days later I deivered the rest( at least I belive it was). That was 11 years ago, I am now 25 weeks and have discussed with my OB about induction. I will not have it unless it is absolute no other choice. I don't think everyone has this problem. Good luck with whatever you decide.

beabonnet 08-16-2006 05:19 AM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
What I was talking about with the uterus not contracting back after delivery is uterine atony. After you deliver the placenta, the uterus is supposed to clamp itself back down and you stop bleeding. But, if it doesn't, you continue to bleed, hemorrhage. From what I read, in some cases if they use to much pitocin or use it for too long, the uterus can tire out and uterine atony can result. I lost 1300 cc's of blood with my hemorrhage (2 pints) and without going into a long story, I'm not entirely sure I don't have long lasting problems from that hemorrhage (although they are very uncommon). At the same time, pitocin is also used to try to prevent, stop a hemorrhage because it is a hormone that makes the uterus contract. After 2 shots of pitocin failed for me (probably because my uterus had, had enough, I had a D&C (although the doctor didn't find any placenta pieces). According to my records, my uterus finally clamped down on its own. Then I was on a pitocin drip overnight to make sure once the uterus stayed shut down. If the hemorrhage hadn't stopped, I may very well have ended up with a hysterectomy.

Anyway, my point was to ask you to think about the risks of a pitocin induction (and any other drug you're given for induction for that matter.) And again, plenty of women have pitocin inductions and have no problems. But, you might want to know all the risks to you and baby before you make your decision. In my case, the doctor didn't tell me any of that and I kick myself for not looking it up. I don't know if it would have changed my decision because I had a medical reason, but I would have asked more questions about the doctor's weighing of the risks versus the benefit.

You might want to do a search with the term - pitocin AND "package insert"

The first site you bring up will probably be the package insert that the manufacturer packages with the drug. It's long, but if you scroll down you will find the risks to mother and baby.

Anyway, good luck with whatever decision you end up making.

lovemybabyboys 08-16-2006 07:45 AM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
i think it is called cytotec (sp?) my sister in law just had it done last week. they put it in her at 9 at night, it got things going, but they still ended up using pitocen at 8 the next morning, and she gave birth at 1.
i have never heard of them using that alone, but i guess if it gets things going enough, then there is no since in using pitocen.
they wanted to use it on me with my first baby, but when the dr. checked me, she said since i was 80% effaced, then she wasn't. i think it is really used to thin you out.
good luck

soon2bmommy 08-16-2006 04:17 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
I had cytotec, you may want to do some research on it though.. It's not approved for use in pregnant woman, yet they use it anyways. I found this out AFTER it was given to me. I have a lawsuit pending...

beabonnet 08-16-2006 04:52 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
Is cytotec that stuff they give you in a vaginal supository of sorts?

beabonnet 08-16-2006 04:57 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
Do you mind if I ask what happened with your cytotec delivery? Are you and your baby ok?

soon2bmommy 08-16-2006 07:53 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
I had some problems with hemorhaging ( sorry, I can NEVER spell that correctly).. Of course, the dr's skirt around why it happened, so I'm going to assume that because I didn't get a straight answer, it was caused in part by the cytotec. And I beleive it played a big part in needing an emergency section.

It is a pill... I know they have other things that are sort of like tampons, but the cytotec is a pill.

*oh and yes, now we are both fine :) (if you count not being able to lose my baby weight as fine HAHA*

Abigail_P 08-16-2006 09:16 PM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!

I delivered at 37 wks, 5 days. I had a looong pregnancy (hospitalized for half of it), but my doctor decided to induce me when I was just 2 cm dialated. I received Pitocin, at 3:00pm and had my daughter at 9:29pm. My doctor may have elected to do this because he knew it was a rough pregnancy for me, but regardless I had a wonderful experience and delivery. If you want to be induced, I would say to go ahead. As long as you and your baby are out of any danger(obviously you are far enough along in your pregnancy) you will be fine. As for risks of Pitocin....pregnancy itself is a risk. There is no guarentee that delivering naturally, or having the help of Pitocin is going to be positive one way or the other. You've come this far and you're going to be alright! :). Good luck to you and your family!

BreeP 08-17-2006 10:21 AM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
My experience with an induction just 8 months ago was not what I expected. I have 2 much older kids (19 and 14). Labor for both of my previous pregnancies was quick (3+ hrs, then 2+ hrs total). When I elected to be induced I was due Dec 28th and induced Dec 20th.

What I was not aware of is that when induced you go into hard labor quickly. After the medication was administered and I began having contractions ....I was having them 2 1/2 - 3 minutes apart just about from the start. That's what I did not like about it. With natural labor they gradually get closer together as we most know. So, I ended up with 4+ hours of intense labor pains. I did not have an epidural. I know it's common, but the thought of a needle/cath in between my vertebrae freaked me out. My luck I would have been one of the people with a bad headache that lingers for days. Anyway....

That's my take on it. I did it out of fear that my Dr would be on Christmas vacation when I DID go into labor and I would be stuck delivering w/someone else. I love my Dr so that was why I chose it. He offered and I took the deal! lol I lived and had my son home for Christmas so I'm not complaining.

Best wishes in whatever you decide to do.

tglenn 08-22-2006 11:44 AM

Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!
Thank you all for your input and I'm sure your experiences have been helpful to many women on this board but for us (the orignal poster) the threat or thought of inducing must have made my little boy decide to come on his own! I am so thankful that I didn't have to decide after all!

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