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misip 08-15-2006 09:07 PM

Menstrual smell?
I'm 38 weeks and have noticed in the last week a 'menstrual' like smell. Has anyone else experienced this? I couldn't find anything. I have been experiencing all the prelabor and first phase symptoms for a little over a week now, so could this be due to dialation?? I haven't seen any signs of my plug yet, and have had no [I]visible[/I] bleeding or spoting.

I go to the doctor tomorrow, and will be checked for the first time, so I have no idea if I have or haven't started dialating yet. Any opinions would be much appreciated!

History 08-16-2006 06:27 AM

Re: Menstrual smell?
I have been experiencing the same except mines is coming with discharge as well. Im 37w4days and I'm dilated 2 1/2 cm. The doc is saying the discharge is normal and it can cause a smell. All I know is Im tired of it and just want it to be over. Good Luck @ the doc

misip 08-16-2006 09:13 AM

Re: Menstrual smell?
Thanks for the response! Good to know I'm just being weird here. :D

alleycat2 08-16-2006 01:11 PM

Re: Menstrual smell?
I have noticed that before too it a white or clear discharge around the time I would have gotten my period and I have been noticing it as early as 28 weeks.

misip 08-16-2006 01:14 PM

Re: Menstrual smell?
Well I went to the doctor and it doesn't have anything to do with dialating because I'm high and closed, so... I guess it's just around my time of the month, but I'm only noticing it lately.

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