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JuniorsMommy929 08-21-2006 12:04 PM

March mommies to be
Well my due date as of right now is March 15th....ive been to my first prenatal visit and everything was good, so im almost 11 weeks, i was kinda mad i got to wait until next checkup to hear his/her heartbeat, then october 11th we go to see what we are having!
I have a 10 month old and my prenatals were making me really sick, so my doctor said i can just take flinstones:D LOL this pregnancy is really different so far, with this one, if i dont eat, i get sick and i throw up ALOT LESS then last, maybe 2 times a week if that!:wave:

stacienicole 08-22-2006 03:11 AM

Re: March mommies to be
Im expecting march 29. This pregnancy is so different for me too. This is my third and my breast have never hurt this bad. I also get sick to my stomache but hardly ever throw up. Sometimes I wish I would throw up might make me feel better (lol). I also get sick from the vitamins, I think its the smell and mine tast funky to me. I will try try the flinestones. How many did they say take? Well good luck with your pregnancy.

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