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Trudooldoo 01-07-2007 08:02 PM

Is it possible I feel baby's head!
I'm currently 36 weeks. I dropped and the baby engaged at 34 weeks, I decided to see internally, if I could feel the baby's head, so I wondered my fingers all over this round shaped head and when the baby kicks the head moves down then up, so it must be the head, does that mean I am close to labour now that I can feel the baby's head? People say make sure you don't hit the cervix or break your waters etc, but I did read that the cervix is positioned at the back of the head and comes around to the front of the baby's head once in labour, I don't seem to feel anything but roundness and mucous. Does anyone else feel the baby's head? it's like only 5 cm and I can feel it. And if anyone does feel the baby's head do you know if that means I will deliver soon? I'm not due till 6 February, but I'm so impatient to have this baby, I have had two girls previous the another dad and this one could be different and come early, my others came on their due date, but this one I have had alot of braxton hicks that are painful lately and lots of white eggy mucousy looking stuff, I didn't know if it was my mucous plug coming away or normal lubrication.

BarbaraH 01-07-2007 08:54 PM

Re: Is it possible I feel baby's head!
Call your doctor in the morning and ask to be seen in the office since you may be dilating. Remind them that this is your 3rd child, you're 34 weeks, and tell them that the baby has dropped. They may send you to the ER or L&D, so be ready for that.

If you are dilating, it's probably best if you don't check yourself. The sac could be bulging if you're dilated and your could rupture it by accident, introducing infection.

Good luck! Barbara

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