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Kasey443 01-31-2007 03:31 AM

Diagnosed with hematoma have pelvic pain
Does anybody know anything about a hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy? My daughter is pregnant and started having pains. They got so bad she ended up in the emergency room and it was only then that she found out a hematoma was noted on her ultrasound that she had about a month before. The emrgency room doc told her not to go back to work untill she saw her regular doctor who she was to try and get into as soon as possible, and put her on bed rest untill then. When she did get into her regular doctor, this one asked her a few questions, checked for the babies heart which she couldn't get the rate on because the baby was moving around so much, and sent her home. She is very upset and frustrated as she naturally assumed she would be checked out way more thoroughly and have another ultrasound to see if the hematoma had grown, shrunk, anything. Any advice would be appreciated. She is going to get a 2nd opinion on her own as the pains got very bad when she was up and about working and subsided when she was at rest and is now afraid to go back to work even though her doc didn't take her off work.

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