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I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

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Old 10-11-2007, 12:20 PM   #1
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I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!


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Tiggerredz HB User
Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!


I had a c-section sept. 12, 2007 1st baby. It really isn't that bad so please don't be scared. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. From what I understand the recovery is a lot longer. It was 4 weeks yesterday and I am recovering. Just listen to the Dr.s and when they say take it so and be easy on yourself. Good luck, your going to do great!!

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Sherri-Lynne HB User
Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

Hi Monica
Glad to hear form you sweetheart. So you are having a c-section. Man we are so much alike. I swear you must be my twin, lol. But at least you get to prepare for yours.
Read about it as much as possible. The more you know the less scared you will be for the surgery. They give you an epidural or something else I can't remember what it is called. Then they put in a cathider. (sp?) Then you are wheeled in for you c-section. It feels like some pulling and pressure when you DS will come out. Just concentrate on holding your new DS when that is going on. Your DH will be able to hold him and take pictures right after and show you your new son. I don't know how it works in the states but after my c-section I was brought into a recovery room and the nurse well pretty much put DS to the boob and he ate. I was so drugged up (doc said they used alot of meds on me) that I didn't hold my son for almost 12 hours after I had him. I didn't want to for fear of dropping him either. The nurses watched my DS for me and woke me when he was hungry for the first night because of the meds and the pain. It was hard to get up after. Well for the first week. But do yourself a favor and start to walk around as soon as you can. They told me it helps with the pain. And it really does. The more you walk the better you feel. But at the same time you can't overdue it or you will be in alot of pain. They take the cathider out the next day and man that one hurt me so bad. It was her first time doing it and I almost punched her in the face.
When your DS crys your stomach will hurt and if you are breastfeeding your stomach will hurt. You will be given meds for the pain. TAKE THEM, they really help. The stomach pain starts to feel better after a week. It is your uterus contracting and that is what I found was the worst part.
You will have a hard time getting up from a sleep. Sleep in an inclined position, even at home. I had to wake up my DH cause I tried the first night lying flat and DS was crying and I couldn't move. He was upstairs and I woke up my 4 year old DD to go and get dad to help mom get up.
Get someone to be at home with you for the first week or two. At least the first week. It is a huge help as all I did was take care of DS while my DH took care of my DD and all the household chores. (The only time he did.) You will need the help.
And most of all listen to the doctors and your body. Don't lift your DD. They will tell you your restrictions.
Good luck hon. I hoped this helped with what to expect. That was my experence anyway. I can't wait to read your birth story. You are almost done. Keep in touch, Sherri

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stonebonner HB User
Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

Try and not stress too much. I had a scheduled c-section with my dd and my husband and I went out for a really nice dinner the night before and they brought me a piece of cake to celebrate the fact I was having my baby the next day. We plan on doing that again this time. The surgery itself is not that bad, but it might be frustrating for you just because you have had a vaginal delivery to compare it with. I had both mine with c section so I don't know any different. I do know that the first day is kinda rough and don't feel bad if you have the nurse take the baby to the nursery so you can get some rest. Being stuck in the bed for the first 24 hours makes it a little hard to handle the baby because somebody has to get the baby for you and change the baby. You will definitely need help around the house for a week or so after. It is a little hard to move around and you can't lift heavy stuff. I wish you the best of luck and how exciting that you know you will be holding your baby soon.

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Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

Hi ladies.

I have a confession to make - i am already worrying about delivery and i am only 8 weeks along. I am having twins so i have read i have a 50% chance of needing a c-section. but here's what scares me -the epidural. that's what i am afraid of. i have watched those baby shows on TV and when i see those women leaning over to the side and that great big needle i want to throw up. i can't imagine getting a needle in my spine. i am not afraid of the actual surgery.

anyone who's had one - can you give me an honest report on how much it hurt? my SIL told me it wasn't bad but she might just be saying that to make me feel better. i know i sound like a big sissy. but that's my fear.

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junemommy17 HB User
Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

I had a c-section with my 1st because of placenta previa. I'm 22 weeks along and will be having another c-section. All I can do is hope that it goes as well this time as it did the 1st time around. I also had Group B strep so I had to get the IV antibiotic drip. I can honestly say getting that put in was the most painful part of the day. The epidural was uncomfortable but not painful. After getting the epidural I got nauseous. They immediately gave me something to help with that. The 2nd most painful part of the process was getting up for the 1st time which if I remember correctly is the next day. And then it was a pain not being able to drive for 2 weeks. I was nervous about the procedure but was so excited about the baby coming that it kind of overrode everything else.

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LisaFaith HB User
Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

Hi everyone! I am having a scheduled c-section on Nov 2nd. This will be my second c-section. My first was an emergency, done at 24 weeks (I was in labor, and too far dialated to stop it.)

I never felt the epidural at all. I don't know if that is normal, or if it was just because I was basically in shock that I was having my baby at 24 weeks. The surgery itself feels a little strange, because you have a sensation of pressure on your abdomen from being touched, but no pain.

The hardest part of the recovery for me, was the next day, having to stand up for the first time. While I was laying in bed, I felt fine. Nothing hurt at all, so I declined pain meds. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I tried to get up, and thought I was going to die. So I asked for pain meds, and then tried again about 45 minutes later. It still hurt to stand up that first time, but the sooner you stand up straight and walk, the easier it will be. By the end of the week I was moving around pretty well. I only needed assistance getting up from a laying down position, and getting in and out of the car. By the end of the second week, I was pretty well back to normal.

Good luck to all of you!!!!

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neshee HB User
Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

I would say a planned section would be easier to deal with than what I went through. I had my DD via vaginal delivery almost 4 years ago. I had totally planned on another with my son, however, I ended up preeclamptic and HELLP syndrome, so God had other plans, LOL! I had to have an emergency section and couldn't see or touch my son for 2 DAYS! Due to not being able to see well after surgery/dizzy/etc from the HELLP. I have had an epi when I had my hip surgery and it really wasn't that bad! The only thing that you really feel is the first novacaine *****. After that, it isn't bad! I PROMISE! Healing from the section is certainly longer than from a vaginal, but after 2 weeks they let you drive again....and for 2 weeks you cannot lift more than the baby. Like Sherri said, try to get help. Because my DS was in the hospital for 4 weeks (he was 9 weeks early), I recovered before I went home. It was strange to come home, feeling well...with pretty much a newborn. I remember coming home after my vaginal with DD and feeling sore, tired and just awful. I felt great coming home from DS, but that was b/c I had healed first. I spent 5 days in the hospital and then on to Ronald McDonald house. Good luck. You will be okay...and I weighed 286 when I delivered DS!!!Talk about scary. I am 5'7", but still! I had put on 30lbs just in the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy from the sickness!! So, If my flabby butt can make it, anyones can! LOL! I will keep you in my thoughts!

Old 10-13-2007, 01:39 PM   #9
Marie M
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Re: I'm Having A C-section Next Thrusday.....and So Scared!!

Monica- in my own personal opinion, a c-section is safer for the baby than a vaginal delivery. Think about it this way.... if you had a vaginal birth, and something went wrong they'd do a c-section. So it's sorta like you're taking that whole risk factor out of it. When i went in for mine, they said, ok, you'll have a baby within a half hour! The meds they give you, you barely feel a thing. I had trouble with infection, but they say that's because i had tried labor first. It's much better with a planned one I hear. Everyone gets nervous before it happens, but I'm sure you'll be in good hands. And before you know it, you're beautiful baby will be born

Beth- I hate needles, I always have to look away if getting a shot or having blood drawn. With the epidural, yeah, it's a big needle, but try not to think about it that way, imagine it's just a little one, because it doesn't feel any worse than that, just like a little poke, and then you feel nothing, literally! You feel practically paralized. So just remember, one little poke, then it's all over.


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