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Hattie 02-02-2002 01:30 PM

surely too early for cramping??
Hi all - my first ever message board posting so bear with me!

Hopefully someone can offer me advice. I have been cramping (like AF cramps but milder) pretty much all the time for the last week. It started around the time I O'd but has just continued since. The last 7 days I've also suffered frequent headaches, fatigue, mild nausia and lost appetite, not to mention that I've got right off alcohol which is unusual for me because I do like a glass of wine in the evening! It's certainly possible that I could be pg but I don't want to get my hopes up - surely it's too early for all these symptoms if I only conceived last weekend!!! it's mainly the cramps that I'm worried about because if I'm not pg then what could be the problem?? I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light. Many thanks - Hattie.

AngeliqueM 02-04-2002 01:38 AM

Re: surely too early for cramping??

When I went to the doctor with some of those symptoms I thought I had a UTI, but I was pregnant.
Your cramps sounds as mine did, I usually only cramped up maybe the night before or the day of, but when I was cramping for several days I knew something was wrong, maybe you have a cyst?
Just to be sure, don't drink, and take a test in about a week or so, if you still haven't started then go to the doctors. (sorry I don't trust Home Pregnancy Tests -HPT) I'm over 2 months pregnant and still testing negitive on some brands.)
Good luck and let us know if you can! <IMG SRC="">

EDD -July 12th or maybe sometime in Aug?

baby_blue 03-01-2002 05:25 PM

Re: surely too early for cramping??
I am having those same symptoms but I am menstrating right now. I am on the pill and always start on Tuesdays but this time I started on Monday. Usually my period is very heavy but this time it is not at all. I am having very bad cramps and pains in my stomach and lower back. I don't know whether I am pregnant or not!!

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