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Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

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Old 03-20-2001, 12:20 AM   #1
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Plano,TX, USA
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jenjenmarie HB User
Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

I am 20 weeks pregnant,last Thursday I went to the ER
because I was bleeding heavily and cramping. I thought
for sure I was miscarrying.When I got there they said
It looked like I was more than 20 weeks and they also
said my cervix was opening up. They did an ultrasound
and checked the heartbeat the baby was fine and they
said I was 20 weeks. But they couldnt figure out what
was wrong. At first they thought it was preterm labor
so they admitted me until the doctor could get there
and look at the ultrasound pictures and they could get
the results of my tests. The doctor said he didnt know
what was really wrong except he saw a little bit of
blood at the bottom of the placenta. And that it just
had to bleed out and that I was to stay on bedrest
until he got back from vaction. (2 weeks)And if the
bleeding got any worse than it has been to go back to
the hospital where they would monitor me. I have never
heard of anything like this. Its not in any books and
even the doctor said this was unusual for someone whos
healthy and had an uneventful pregnancy to all of a
sudden have something happen in the middle of the
pregnancy. Has anyone had anything like this happen to
them. Ive heard of women bleeding early in pregnancy
and late in pregnancy but i just havent found any
information. Any info would be great.

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Old 03-20-2001, 09:19 AM   #2
Junior Member
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ser HB User
Re: Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

First of all this may not be your problem but could your placenta be dislodging or placenta prevera? I hope in two weeks your OB will be more open in his/her thoughts. I will keep you in my prayers

Old 03-20-2001, 03:36 PM   #3
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Location: Indianapolis, Indiana US
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Honey HB User
Re: Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

I am sorry you have to go through this. It is a very scary situation. If you have ANY bleeding or cramping before you are to see the doctor again, go straight to the ER. I am a little concerned that the doctor is letting you go like this for 2 weeks, while he is vacationing! Maybe, I am wrong, but it doesn't sound right?! I don't want to scare you, but I lost a baby at 13 weeks and it started with bleeding and then cramping the next day. I was seen in the ER and they did a vaginal and regular ultrasound. They couldnt find the heartbeat. (But luckily, in your case, you said they saw that the baby was okay)I had to have a D/C 2 days after the bleeding started. I am just telling you this because it could be dangerous for you if you continue to bleed. Be careful and please go back to the hospital right away if you start cramping really bad! You are in my prayers. Let us know how you are doing
thoughts and prayers from Indy,

Old 04-04-2001, 01:55 PM   #4
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Location: long Island, NY
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eclaire HB User
Re: Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

I just read your concern regarding bleeding at 20 weeks. I too woke one morning at exactly 20 weeks. Prior to this for about one week, I felt moisture. I thought I was having a problem controlling my bladder. Having never been pregnant before I did not know different. Well, by the time I got to the hospital, I lost my mucous (sp) plug. I lost the baby by the end of the day. After a day or two of all possibilities it turns out that I have what is called Incompetent Cervix. My cervix opens for no reason during the second trimester. I have now had my cervix sewn shut twice for my next two pregnancies. For the first one, it didn't do the job as well as it should have and I was bed-ridden for 16 weeks, no bathroom priviledges, no showers, etc. I literally had to learn to walk again when I first stood up. The stitch for the second baby did it's job. I now have two beautiful little girls. I mourn the loss of my first baby (a boy) every day, but had it not been for that misfortune then I wouldn't have to two that I have.

Please have your doctor check you for this. It is alot more common than you may think.

Good luck.....


Old 04-19-2001, 09:22 AM   #5
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doll1 HB User
Re: Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

Hi just wanted to share my story.
I also misscarried at 12 was teh worst pain and bleeding i have ever experienced. I started spotting on Saturday and the following Monday i started having pain...and the bleeding got heavier on Tuesday and i misscarried later taht day.

If you have any doubts - go get it checked.

Hope everything works out. <IMG SRC="">

Old 04-19-2001, 01:32 PM   #6
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Amy42601 HB User
Re: Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

I can't believe your doctor's reaction to your plight!! I don't want to scare you or anything, but from everything I've been told, anything REMOTELY to do with bleeding around the placental area is to do with Placenta Previa or Placenta Abruptio. Placenta Previa (in case you aren't aware) is where the placenta is covering or nearly covering the cervix. Placenta Abruptio is where the placenta is dislodging itself from the wall of your uterus and will cause bleeding. Some other signs of Placenta Abruptio are cramping or mild ache in the abdomen, and uterine tenderness. According to What To Expect When You're Expecting, if it's a mild case, bed rest often stops the bleeding but there is a possibility of a repeat bleeding episode or hemorrhage and you would need close medical supervision for the rest of your pregnancy.

Stay on your bed rest, but if you bleed again, definitely go to the ER. Ask about possible Placenta Previa or Abruptio.

I hope everything goes well for you. Let us know what happens, ok? Wishing you all the best...


Old 04-20-2001, 09:59 PM   #7
Junior Member
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Re: Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

I read your post, and it seems oddly familar.
At 19 weeks I found out I was having twins, the very next day I started leaking fluid, by the time I got to the hospital the water was pouring out. The docs couldn't explain it, put me on bed rest and told me to wait.
The next week (20 wks) I started bleeding, like I was having a period,with cramping. Went back to the hospital, said there was nothing they could do, sent me home on bedrest again. after a week of bleeding it stopped. AT 24 wks, they put me in the hospital, at 27 weeks, I started bleeding again, it went on for a week, until I delivered, Towards the end of the week I was having such bad cramps that I just wanted to die. When the doc examined me he realized that my placenta was tearing away from the uterine wall, why it took so long to figure this out is beyond me, I honestly thought I was going to bleed to death, because it was so heavy. They took me into the OR for an emergency c secion. Thankfully, they are doing ok, the one had some major problems, but he is alive and that is all that matters to me. Please don't let this go on unanswered, it is a very dangerous situation, it could harm you and the baby. If the docs say they don't know, then get a second opinion. Ask for a high risk specialist, they are trained to deal with this. Good luck to you.

Old 04-21-2001, 01:09 AM   #8
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GingerDragon HB User
Re: Bleeding and Cramping at 20 weeks

I also experienced bleeding and cramping around 15wks. I immediately went to the ER and waited in the lounge for three hours to be seen. The doctor told me that if I was miscarrying, there was nothing they could do and I needed to let nature take it's course. Well, finally I had an ultrasound at 0200 (that's 2:00am) and the baby was fine. The doctor decided that I had been pregnant with fraternal twins and had miscarried one. In reality, my blood type was partially to blame. I am O- and my husband is O+. This can cause some sort of reaction called the RH factor. If you have this problem you need to be injected with Rogham (sp?) immediately. I know that my situation seems a bit crazy, but that's military medicine for you.
After all the bad experiences I have had, if you have the ability you NEED to find a doctor who won't abandon you for vacation. What are you paying him for? Hope everything works out.

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