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alazay 03-20-2002 07:58 PM

swollen legs...
For the past couple of weeks, sometimes when I sit down for a couple of hours, when I stand up, my legs from the knee down are like numb feeling and it feels like they are swollen, and it feels really weird to walk. I am 24 weeks pregnant, and feel like this is too early to be this swollen. Is this normal. I also gained 9 pounds in three weeks! I have already gained 19 pounds all together. Is this normal. <p>[This message has been edited by alazay (edited 03-20-2002).]

Purrbaby 03-20-2002 08:58 PM

Re: swollen legs...
I had toxemia and my legs and arms were really swollen most of my preg. I began to swell really early. By the last trimester when my doc would push his fingers in my leg I would have an indention there for a week at least. If you are really concerned ask your doc and he will press down and as long as it pops back up you are ok. Ifit stays down you have a lot of water retenion. I found eating watermelon or cantalope and drinking water did help my swelling early on..and watch the salt. I am preg. with my second and if I walk around or don't prop my feet up then I start to swell. I am only 12 weeks.

Smile, life doesn't last that long.

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