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jaime_beth 02-20-2003 10:24 PM

epideral trouble!!!
I recently gave birth to my first child. During the delivery I recieved an epideral. Now I have nerve damage which prevents my quad muscles (the muscles used to squat down, to go up or down stairs, anything which requires your legs to hold weight while your knees are bent) from working. I also have numbness from my knees to my ankles on the front of my legs. I am scared this will never go away! The doctors say it may or may not fix itself.
I think that more information should be given to expecting moms on the dangers of epiderals. My edideral did not even numb the area it was supposed to, just my legs. I felt the whole delivery and it honesly wasn't so bad.

chrislove 02-20-2003 11:59 PM

Re: epideral trouble!!!
So sorry to hear of your pain and trouble. My df never had any problems from her epi after surgery but did have a major amount of pain after two lower lumbar punctures (spinal taps). She had shooting pains up/down her spine and arms for several months afterwards. So she can relate to that feeling and the feeling that it should not have happened. Is that how you feel ? I know we take risks when we sign for these things, but it sucks to think of the high percentage that has a good experience. Hope your body is healed completely very soon. <IMG SRC=""> <p>[This message has been edited by chrislove (edited 02-21-2003).]

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