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kelly78 02-21-2002 05:04 PM

fetal heart rate... low??? or normal??
last friday i had some spotting so i went to er where they performed an ultrasound baby measured 3 mm and had a heart rate of 95 bpm then had to go today to check and see baby again today the heart rate was about the same but baby had grown to be 7 mm doc said the heart rate seemed low to her but she doesnt perform ultrasounds this early very often said she has 2 other patients right now both also 6 weeks pregnant and they are also showing heart rates of 90-100 bpm .. doc said she wants me back in 2 weeks to check on baby again i need help... has anyone else had a ultrasound this early on and had a heartrate this low ... i have looked up a few things on the internet and see some places say at 6 weeks gestation heartrate is between 95 and 113 bpm and by the 9th week it should be up to 140-180 bpm... i hope that web site is accurate! anyone else who can ralate or any advice at all would be great ...thanks
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Purrbaby 02-21-2002 10:46 PM

Re: fetal heart rate... low??? or normal??
I have my son's u/s from when he was 7 weeks exactly..I was bleeding and fainting so they had to check on him. The h/b was 95 and my docs never mentioned anything about it. I'm due this time Sept. 29..which I know isn't right but they haven't done an u/s this time. But I am having one next week and I'm gonna be 8 weeks then and I'll let you know what the h/b is. I noticed our due dates are maybe the h/b range will be similar.

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kelly78 02-22-2002 04:02 PM

Re: fetal heart rate... low??? or normal??
maybe they will be i have actually calmed down abit from all the info i have read on the internet it seems like all babies start out with a slightly slower heartrate in the begining so maybe my doc just thought it was kinda slow due to not performing many u/s this early on so i have another one on march 7th and hopefully all will be good ... thanks for responding and let me know what your babys heartrate is ... thanks again

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