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HEAVEN-SENT 02-18-2003 09:16 AM

**October Due Date Club**
Just wanted to say hello to everyone and see how you all are feeling. I still don't really have any symptoms, so that makes me a little nervous. My first ultrasound is 3/18 so I am anxioulsy counting down the days... <IMG SRC="">

Take care!

<IMG SRC="">

EDD 10/3/03

sweetmelf 02-18-2003 10:03 AM

Re: **October Due Date Club**
Hi all! Good idea Heaven-Sent to ask for an update on how all the october ladies are doing! I am doing ok. I can't wear my jeans anymore! I am almost 7 weeks but since it's my third and I am only 5'2" I guess that explains why I am starting to get a belly already. I am having heartburn with everything I eat. <IMG SRC=""> I never had that when I was pregnant with my two girls. It really isn't fun. This morning for the first time I felt sick when I got up. I am crossing my fingers that the m/s won't last! Besides that, my nipples are so sore (but not my bbs). I am exhausted all the time and I am always hungry. I haven't weighed myself recently so I don't know how much weight I have put on (but then again, I don't want to know!) <IMG SRC="">

We have told our families this weekend and everybody is thrilled. I thought that my parents wouldn't be pleased but they are very happy that a new little baby is going to join our family soon. I had a great weekend!

I guess that's it. I am feeling pretty good so far (besides the heartburn) and enjoying every moment of this pregnancy. I can't wait to know that everything is ok. I am going for my first appointment with my OBGYN on March 10th!

Have a good day everyone!

sweetmelf (baby #3 EDD 10-08-2003)

kmc235 02-18-2003 10:36 AM

Re: **October Due Date Club**
Hello there!

I'm doing fine. Still experiencing a lack of appetite and some mild nausea when I don't eat for awhile. I had some back pain this weekend, which of course I interpreted as a miscarriage, but it hasn't happened yet. <IMG SRC=""> Heaven, you're lucky to be feeling well. I know lots of women who didn't have M/S symptoms and they were fine so don't worry (I know, easier said than done).

Take care everyone!

Navywife22 02-18-2003 10:44 AM

Re: **October Due Date Club**
Heaven - Are you having an ultrasound on the 18th or just hearing the heartbeat? My first OB appointment is on Thursday and I was told that they would check for the heartbeat but schedule my first ultrasound for a later date. I really wanted to do the u/s on Thursday since my dh is leaving in 2 weeks and will not be back for 8 months.

So far I am feeling pretty good. I have not had any m/s but do get a little queasy if I go a long time without eating. I am very thirsty and get really hot easily. I hate to take naps but have had to the past few days.

Also my face looks terrible!! It is oily and breaking out around my mouth. I also have a nice sized one on my chin. Where is that pg glow????? We are flying to my MIL's house next weekend for 3 days and I really donít want to look like this! It is embarrassing!

HEAVEN-SENT 02-18-2003 10:56 AM

Re: **October Due Date Club**
My first appt. is actually 2/25, but its only to talk with one of the nurses and go over my/dh's family medical history. I'm not sure what else that appt. will consist of? I'm sure just a lot of talking...

On 3/18 I will have my first ultrasound and they will be able to hear the heartbeat (God willing!). By then I will be 12 weeks along, so I will hopefully be out of the "danger zone." However, I know I will still be a nervous wreck my whole pregnancy because I know anything can happen at anytime. I just think once I hear this little peanuts heartbeat, I will feel very relieved.

I don't have that pregnancy glow that many women claim to get either. I even had to break down and buy some make-up (foundation) this weekend. I hate wearing makeup other than eye liner and mascara....I just hate the way foundation feels on my skin. But, at this point I don't really have a choice! Maybe we will get out "glow" in our 2nd trimester...

Ha - Wishful thinking!

It will all be worth it in the end!! We just have to keep telling ourselves that! <IMG SRC="">

EDD 10/3/03

BonBon24 02-18-2003 01:23 PM

Re: **October Due Date Club**
I am doing well. My appetite has decreased and I am a little nauseated at times but it is mild. My boobs are crazy sore but if that is all I have to complain about, I think I am pretty lucky. I saw my Dr on the 12th of Feb and she basically just had a talk with my husband and I. She did all my blood work and history. She gave me a book that was put together for my particular health region - it is great. I see her for my 1st exam on March 14th. I booked all my Perinatal classes this morning as they are already filling up for August/ September. I am Sooo excited about everything that is happening. I hope you all are doing well. My thoughts are with you, Bon

EDD 01/10/2003

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